Episode 135: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, Three Steps Forward

For those of you who use our super helpful release lists, you know that this past week was a really slow week releases. So, to compensate,  this week’s show has quite the variety.  We do have a brand new album but we also threw in a few older albums of bands we (and maybe you) were introduced to within the last year. As if that wasn’t enough Metal goodness, we also take a look into the future with a whole bunch of First Impressions.


Reviews: Destrage – The King is Fat ‘N’ Old (Coroner); Hate – Anaclasis: A Haunting Gospel of Malice & Hatred (Listenable); Saille – Irreversible Decay (Code 666); Triptykon – Melena Chasmata (Century Media)

First Impressions:
Enabler – “Prey” or “New Life” from La Fin Absolue Du Monde out May 27 via Creator-Destructor Records and Earsplit Compound
Wovenwar – “All Rise” from debut album out summer 2014 via Metal Blade
Vallenfyre – “Odius Bliss” from Splinters out May 13 via Century Media
Mastodon – “High Road” from Once More Round The Sun out June via Reprise
Killer Be Killed – “Wings of Feathers and Wax” and “Face Down” from Killer Be Killed out May 13 via Nuclear Blade

Triptykon – Melana Chasmata

Destrage – The King Is Fat’N’Old 

Saille – Irreversible Decay

Hate – Anaclasis: A Haunting Gospel of Malice & Hatred



  1. No live review of Iced Earth/Sabaton/ReVamp??? Was it unmemorable? Sabaton was awesome!

    I’m not seeing what the big deal about this Triptykon album is. Even listening to it straight through numerous times, I’m just not feeling it. I like albums that have a cohesiveness that you have to listen through straight through, such as Pelagial by The Ocean. But my attention wanes in the middle of Melana Chasmata. I feel like I’ve listened to it enough that something should have grabbed me in, but it’s just not doing that.

    I realize that the weather has finally been a little better around here, but it hasn’t been THAT nice. I have a feeling that no one in the Northeast has been listening to Triptykon while sitting on the beach this week.

    Cool idea checking out some older albums of some recent bands you’ve enjoyed. Another band I’m interested in listening to a previous release from is Polar.

    I wonder what Decibel gave Destrage’s The King is Fat n Old? Did they give it better than the 2 out of 10 they gave Area You Kidding Me No?

    Oh my god, Mastodon! Oh my god, Crack the Skye! Yes, I’m sure you know I’m one of those people who loves Mastodon, including the latest albums. Nick, I would certainly recommend going back to The Hunter. I was disappointed the first few times I listened to The Hunter. But once I realized that The Hunter isn’t the same as their older stuff, I was able to appreciate it for what it is, which is a decent album.

    When you reviewed Mastodon, Machine Head and Opeth all in episode one, it wasn’t because you’d had all year to cue up albums. All 3 of those albums came out about the same time back in 2011 (if not the same week). Those 3 albums also came out about the same time as Worship Music by Anthrax, which means there was 4 great albums that came out in about a two week span in 2011.

    Wicked and Rad. One word places you in a particular time period, the other identifies you are living in a specific place. The word “rad” has a much better chance of (re) catching on, as you certainly are not going to get people in New York to start saying “wicked” anytime soon.

    1. Honestly, I totally forgot about the concert. lol. I’ve been so busy and we had the First Impressions this week, I didn’t even think about it. I’ll try to throw it in next episode.

      I will say I like Pelagial (and The Ocean, in general) more, but Chasmata had a similar effect for me, It was just a very different style and overall “tone/feel.

      I have that old Polars album on my desk (and have listened to it) so that will be in a future episode where we do this old stuff. I also have stuff from Necrophobic, Enshadowed, Exmortus, and a few others.

      If I catch myself saying ‘rad’ other than in a sarcastic context, NIck and I are going to have issues. Though, it is better then some of the other mash-up words he likes to make up….

      1. That first Exmortus album sounds like another good one to review. And you forgot about the Iced Earth/Sabaton concert? Did you have so many beers that you blacked out?

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