Episode 143: Hope You Like Diversity

If you aren’t the kind of Metal-head who likes a little bit of everything, you are going to find yourself using chapter skip a lot this episode. However, since you are listening to this show, we would be inclined to assume you are that kind of Metal-head, in which case, we have you covered.  From hellish soundtracks to folkiness to progressive to pirates, we just happen to touch on about as many heavy music styles as we can within the span of an episode between out new album reviews and First Impressions.  It may get a little jarring…but you have been warned.


Reviews: The Atlas Moth The Old Believer (Profound Lore); Equilibrium – Erdentempel (Nuclear Blast); Septicflesh – Titan (Prosthetic); Vanna – Void (Pure Noise)

First Impressions:
Alestorm – “Drink” from Sunset of the Golden Age out August 5th thru Napalm
Eluveitie – “King” from Origins out August 5th thru Nuclear Blast
He Is Legend – “Miserable Company” from Heavy Fruit out August 19th thru Tragic Hero
DragonForce – “The Game” from Maximum Overload out August 19th thru Metal Blade
In Flames – “Through Oblivion” from Siren Charms out September 9 thru Sony/RED
Skyharbor – “Evolution” from forthcoming, crowdfunded album via Basick Records

The Atlas Moth – The Old Believer

Septicflesh – Titan

Vanna – VOID

Equilibrium – Erdentempel


  1. Haven’t listened to the entire episode yet, but here’s some comments from what I’ve listened to so far:

    You say that you don’t get why everyone likes The Atlas Moth? Who likes them other than Decibel? First Tombs gets a 2 from Brian then Atlas Moth gets a 1? That’s surprising. Maybe you’re coming around to seeing these Decibel darlings for what they really are. And yes, that was Devin Townsend and Gojira that we saw Atlas Moth open for. They were that unmemorable.

    I’ve never heard so much power/folk/symphonic metal in a single episode and I’m only half way through so far! That’s not a complaint by any means, as I enjoy the best of these types of styles.

    1. Not much more to add, other than the fact that this episode featured two ones from Brian in a single episode! Even if one of them was only a first impression, that’s still two ones in one episode. I think that’s 2 more 1s than Brian gave all last year!

      1. Oh, and I watched that Alestorm video. That was good. You should consider changing the motto of the podcast to “we are here to drink your beer.”

      2. As Nick noted below, when we have 30 minutes of music, we should probably reign in our chatter. Sorry about that…kinda…

        If you read the Atlas Moth reviews on the blogs and sites such as Sputnick and others, there are generally very favorable. Arch Enemy is getting LOTS more shit than Atlas Moth, and I don’t think all of it is deserved, especially by comparison. And I do see Decibel darlings for what they are. Our coverage of the end of the year lists should have told you that. That doesn’t mean I am always going to disagree with the magazine, but I know who they favorite. I mean, as far as Tombs goes, I stick with my praise of Path of Totality…this one just didn’t come close.

        I gave 1s last year! Maybe not tow in one episode, but I know I did. lol.

        I would definitely make that the motto of the podcast…if we did that more while recording. Though, looking at your usage of Untapped, I think “Drink” is your theme song! ha ha

      3. What is this Untapped thing that you speak of? I deny all knowledge of that. And don’t tell my wife about it either (though I think she may already know about it).

  2. An hour and 48 minutes for this week’s episode? That’s 18 minutes longer than the USA’s World Cup match will be today versus Portugal which I’m sure you guys will be tuning into.

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