Episode 147: No Sir, I Don’t Like It

After having a pretty epic episode last week (if we do say so ourselves), we have a little more low key of an episode here, though no more less eclectic than many of our others. What long time listeners will find interesting here (besides the music itself) is the difference between most the reviews Brian and Nick present.  There might be a “first” in here, which we note near the end, and there are definitely a few rarities.  Hopefully it all adds up to an interesting listen!  (Feel free to let us know either way in the comments.)


Reviews: ’68 – In Humor and Sadness (eOne / Good Fight); Betraying The MartyrsPhantom (Sumerian); EchoesThe Pursuit (Universal Warning); Monuments – The Amanuensis (Century Media)

(Side)Showcase: Monotony is Misery

Monuments – The Amanuensis

’68 – In Humor and Sadness

Echoes – The Pursuit

Betraying The Martyrs – Phantom


One comment

  1. I don’t have much to comment on this week. I’m still busy listening to Allegaeon and Mastodon to have bought many albums in the past few weeks.

    That song you played from Echoes would have been even better if some clean female vocals broke out in the middle of it.

    Frozen was a terribly disappointing movie. All of the previews and commercials that I saw positioned it as a movie about a snowman who liked summer. There was no mention of any love story or ice princesses. So for the first hour of the movie, I’m sitting there thinking “am I at the right movie? This is supposed to be about a snowman!” When Olaf finally shows up, he’s funny and I like the song “In Summer”, but in total he’s in only 10 minutes of the movie where I was expecting the entire movie to be about him.

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