Episode 157: In Which Half Our “Studios” Relocated

So, the reason this show is up later than usual (sorry about that) is that half of The Sideshow was moving this weekend and the other half was helping him do so.  We mention this in the show, which, in retrospect, does you absolutely no good since you hear it after the fact.  Look, we never said we were smart, ok? Anyway, hopefully five songs, four album reviews, and three First Impressions make up for the tardiness a bit.


Audrey HornePure Heavy (Napalm)
Iron ReaganTyranny of Will (Relapse)
Puig DestroyerPuig Destroyer (No Sleep)
XerathIII (Candlelight)

First Impressions:
At The Gates – “At War With Reality” from At War With Reality out 10/28 thru Century Media
Machine Head – “Now We Die” from Bloodstone & Diamonds out 11/10 thru Nuclear Blast
Bloodbath – “Unite in Pain” from Grand Morbid Funeral out 11/17 thru Peaceville

Iron Reagan – Tyranny of Will 

Audrey Horne – Pure Heavy 

Xerath – III 

P uig Destroyer – P uig Destroyer 


  1. Similar to you guys, I loved Audrey Horne’s last album, Youngblood, which was my number 6 album of 2013. But for their new album, Pure Heavy, I’m completely with Nick. I’ll rephrase what Nick is stating by saying that Pure Heavy never transcends its influences. Every time I listen to it I don’t hear something unique and original, but instead all I think about is how “oh, this song sounds just like some other song from a band that was big in the 80s.” Specifically, the song “Into The Wild” is straight up Motely Crue. The guitar solo on the song “Holy Roller” is great, but it sounds exactly like the guitar solo on “Dreamer Deceiver” by Judas Priest. The name of the song “High and Dry” is taken from the name of a Def Leppard album and song. The twin guitar riff on “Volcano Girl” is pure Iron Maiden. And in that same song when I hear them sing the refrain “Sleep now in the fire” I can’t help but think of the Rage Against the Machine song with that name. Nick mentioned the song “This Ends Here” on Youngblood. I love that song. It’s a great example of anthemic arena rock that really gets you fired up. Pure Heavy lacks a song anywhere close to as good as “This Ends Here.” Even though Youngblood had some moments of reference to its musical influences, it was less obvious and Audrey Horne managed to make that album into something their own. But Pure Heavy never gets beyond its direct influences.

    While it may be true that “No One Cares About Your Fantasy Team”, you’re going to hear about mine anyway. I finished in fourth place in this year’s fantasy baseball league and I’m currently 3-0 and 2-1 in my two fantasy football leagues. You should at least be informed that Yasiel Puig is a Cuban defector who came up with the Los Angeles Dodgers last year and made a big splash and continues to be one of their best and most entertaining players, even if his enthusiasm does lead to some boneheaded plays once in a while. If you’d like me to explain who “Mike Trout” or “Tommy John” are, or if you’re interesting in knowing what the “Three True Outcomes” are or why there’s “No Pepper” on Puig Destroyer, just let me know.

    1. I had a feeling we were missing lots of references on that Puig Destroyer album. Hahaha. So…..as a sport fan, do you find that album more enjoyable?

      I’m glad you’re equally as disappointed by Audrey Horne as I was. I was so amped up for this album and just never got into it.

      1. Good question if knowing “inside baseball” makes the Puig Destroyer album more enjoyable. There’s not a simple answer. Being a huge baseball fan, Puig Destroyer certainly got my attention. If this would have been any other grindcore album, I wouldn’t have even noticed it. As you may know, grindcore isn’t really my thing. So when a new grindcore album comes out, even one that may get some decent press, I still tend to ignore it. But the baseball thing got me to notice it, so at least there’s that going for it. As for the music itself, it’s average grindcore. And to me, average grindcore isn’t very good. Some of the lyrics are interesting and fun, as these guys clearly know their baseball, but for me if the music doesn’t hold up then I don’t want to listen to it more than once.

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