Episode 158: Blind Taste Test

While it is always great to get a new album from a band we like or are even just familiar with, part of the fun of this show is finding albums from bands we never heard of.  It’s especially fun when the albums are awesome.  This week, we have albums that exemplify everything I just wrote…which you probably saw coming because, really, why else would I have written it?


Black Crown InitiateThe Wreckage of Stars (eOne)
DecapitatedBlood Mantra (Nuclear Blast)
GormathonFollowing the Beast (Napalm)
Old Lines – No Child Left Behind (No Sleep)

Decapitated – Blood Mantra

Black Crown Initiate – The Wreckage of Stars

Gormathon – Following The Beast

Old Lines – No Child Left Behind


  1. Regarding Black Crown Initiate, first let me say that I completely agree that this is a 5 of an album. I’m not sure if you made this comparison, but to me the closest thing I might compare this to is Ne Obliviscarus. Especially in the second half of Wreckage of Stars, the proginess is fairly prominent and reminiscent of Portal of I by Ne Obliviscarus. What I don’t quite agree with is Nick’s assertion that Wreckage of Stars is the album that combines tech death with big catchy choruses. I recognize that I haven’t listened to Wreckage of Stars more than a few times yet so maybe it just hasn’t fully sunk in, but that catchy melodic aspect that Nick wants from one of these bands doesn’t quite to seem to be there with Black Crown Initiate. That’s not really a knock on Black Crown Initiate, just something I’m just not seeing yet. But I look forward to listening to this album more to see if that emerges.

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