Episode 171: The New Year’s Tradition Continues

“Wait. There’s a New Year’s tradition?” you ask.  Yeah, there is.  Thanks for paying attention he last few years…jerk.  Just kidding!  Anyway, since we have been doing the show, we have started the year off reviewing albums from best-of lists that we kinda skipped over during the previous year.  We also call this  “Shit We Missed.”  With the slow starts to the new years (as far as releases go) this is the perfect segue into them. Oh, we also kick off 2015 with a (Side)Showcase!

If you have albums we missed you think we need to give a spin, let us know in the comments! And if you want your band featured on the show, click the contact us link in the top right and expose yourself…


ACxDC – Antichrist Demoncore (To Live A Lie/Melotov)
Godflesh – A World Lit Only by Fire (Avalanche)
Gridlink – Longhena (Handshake Inc./Selfmadegod)
Young and in the Way When Life Comes to Death (Deathwish)

(Side)Showcase: Tidalwave


Young And In The Way – When Life Comes To Death

Godflesh – A World Lit Only By Fire

Gridlink – Longhena 

ACxDC – Antichrist Demoncore


Tidalwave – Tidalwave


  1. The quote about Godflesh saying it isn’t entertainment is meant to imply that it is art.

    I haven’t listened to Godflesh, but I can speculate as to why some people like it. It’s because they fall in to the category of an old band that reunited after a long hiatus and came back to something close to form. Be it At The Gates, Carcass, or even Black Sabbath, many of us have fond memories of those bands and if they come close to recreating their old form those of us who liked them are predisposed to liking the new album. If you never liked the band when they were in their prime, chances are you aren’t going to like them now.

    I’ve been intrigued by that Gridlink album all year but I never got around to checking it out.

    Cool that you gave ACxDC a listen. I as well am a little surprised that ACxDC didn’t show up on more year end lists, especially since Nails was so highly regarded last year. I agree that ACxDC isn’t anywhere as good as Nails, but for me ACxDC is “this year’s Nails.”

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