Episode 179: Late for Nothing

I told you posting the show late wouldn’t be a regular thing.  You’re welcome.  Anyway…in addition to our regular four-album lineup, we do something we haven’t done in a while and chat about some news from the past week!  There are two stories in particular and both are significant in their own right, so feel free to share your own thoughts about them in the comments.  Oh, and you can talk about he albums there too…or Nick and I…or suggest bands we should check out (we do follow those suggestions). But first, you have to listen to the show, so get moving.


The Agonist Eye of Providence (Century Media)
Bleeding Gods – Shepherd of Souls (Punishment 18)
Muck – Your Joyous Future (Prosthetic)
Torche Restarter (Relapse)

One comment

  1. We have an early candidate for most disappointing album of the year: Restarter by Torche. Listening to your reviews of it, you did say “I liked this album, but…” and then spent the entire review talking about what is wrong with the album. Nick even went so far as to say: “While you’re listening to it, it’s just frustrating.” I completely agree. Some of the album barely qualifies as music. It’s drone and noise. It doesn’t go anywhere. They play a riff and then repeat that riff for the entire length of a song, even if that song is 8 minutes long. The songs where that structure works are the shortest songs on the album. The one riff in the song “Undone” works because it is only one minute and 41 seconds.

    I agree that the metal calendar has really become predictable in that almost all the good releases come out at the same time of the year. That time of year is not now. But March does have a few anticipated releases I’m looking forward to: Enslaved, Psycroptic, Nightwish, Leviathan, and Cancer Bats. I’m not like you guys who need to have 4 albums a week to listen to. If there is one good album a week, that’s good enough for me. I can’t keep up otherwise!

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