Episode 180: C is for Metal

This week’s episode is brought to you by the letter ‘C’. Why?  Well, it just started going that way so we made it a thing.  If you have requests for any other letter themes (preferably NOT Q, X, Y or Z), let us know in the comments and we’ll see if we can work that in sometime.

Also, this video is semi-fitting and still amuses me.


Call of the Void Ageless (Relapse)
Chaos Divine – Colliding Skies (Firestarter)
Chiefs – Tomorrow’s Over (Roosevelt Row)
Code Mut (Agonia)

Live Review:
Behemoth and Cannibal Corpse @ Webster Hall in New York City, NY on February 28, 2015

Call of the Void – Ageless

Code – mut

Chiefs – Tomorrow’s Over

Chaos Divine – Colliding Skies


  1. -Uh, yeah. That Code song wasn’t anything good.

    -That Behemoth show was beyond packed. I’ve been to Webster Hall probably 8 times and I’ve never seen it so busy there. I would have liked to have seen how well Alex Webster played the bass, but I couldn’t even squeeze my skinny ass anywhere near the front. To me, Roseland Ballroom was significantly bigger than Webster Hall. I’d say Webster Hall is a slightly bigger version of Irving Plaza.

    -“Opeth fans are super defensive.” For a band that you guys aren’t big fans of, you sure seem to talk about them a lot. I’m complaining about that, because as you know, I am one of those Opeth fans. But I think it says a lot about Opeth that you keep comparing other bands to tehm. Maybe a new addition to the drinking game: every time someone compares a band/album/song to Opeth.

    -I was going to mention power metal as something that you guys would disagree on. Specifically, I was wondering if you were going to review Ensiferum this week, because that’s something I could see Brian being into. Whether this is subconscious or not, it seems like Brian doesn’t merely pick albums that he thinks he’ll like, but rather he picks albums that he thinks both of you will like. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just brought it up to explain why you usually give the same ratings to most albums.

    -I’ll second how well the production is on that Chaos Divine song you played. I was only listening to it on my phone with cheap earbuds, but it still sounded awesome. The sense of space in that song was amazing. The vocals were in the front, the drums were in the back, and the guitars were all around me, including one cool part where one of the guitars swirled back and forth.

    -I like how Oscar The Grouch is the perfect Sesame Street fill-in for Tom Araya.

    1. You’ll probably note, however, when we mention Opeth, we are praising the band. I do enjoy some of their old stuff, but when we use them for comparison, it’s most to explain how not to do transitions.

      You’re right that I try not to torture us too much. While I do enjoy some here and there, I’m not a huge Power Metal fan myself, so it’s rarely a pick. I also rarely choose it because I don’t keep up on PM that much either. Also, when we were buy all of the albums every week, i was doing my damned best to make sure I wasn’t dropping money on something I would want to turn around and sell because i hated it. That said, I could choose more blindly from our promo to get more mixed results in our reviewing.

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