Episode 186: Soilwork, Apophys, Murdock, Continuum 2015 Album Reviews

The Future Has Looked Better…

Looking at this episode as I am posting it, I found it interesting how what is old is new again and still fresh sounding while what is actually new sounds kinda old, tired and not fresh.  I mean, that is obviously just in the opinion of this here podcast, but that is what matters most to us in the end anyway. That said – if you think we are really wrong about that, please tell us in the comments.

Also, before I get called out on it – yes, I forgot to do the live review of the Decibel Magazine Tour stop in NY.  By the time I remembered, we didn’t have a chance add it.  However, since it was the last stop of the tour anyway, it’s not really urgent.  So, look for it next week in 187.


Soilwork Live in the Heart of Helsinki (Nuclear Blast)
Apophys – Prime Incursion (Metal Blade)
Murdock – Dead Lung (Basick)
Continuum – The Hypothesis (Unique Leader)

First Impression:
August Burns Red – “The Wake” taken from Found in Far Away Places out June 30, 2015 from Fearless Records
Veil of Maya – “Teleute” taken from Matriarch out March 12, 2015 from Sumerian Record

Soilwork – Live In The Heart of Helsinki

Apophys – Prime Incursion

Murdock – Dead Lung

Continuum – The Hypothesis

One comment

  1. I made it to the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival in Worcester, Massachusetts yesterday. It was pretty awesome. I got there just in time to walk by Allegaeon as they were warming up outside the venue (but inside a barricade) and got to see them on the main stage. They played great – better than the last time I’d seen them. Then even though I saw several other bands, the other big act I wanted to see was Nail. They crushed it. Similar to Allegaeon, Nail played better than the previous time I’d seen them. The vibe of the festival where they allowed unlimited re-entry made it quite enjoyable. It never felt like a drag to be there for 9 hours because I came and went a few times to get food and drink outside the venue. Also, because so many bands were playing they mostly stuck around to see all the other bands. As I was walking out one time for a break, Greg from Allegaeon was walking out right next to me, which was cool to chat with him about their setlist and other bands. Because of the ability to come and go, I could always get right down on the floor whenever I wanted to. And lastly, I’m amazed how the logistics all worked out, as with so many bands playing there were able to stick to the posted set times. Everything ran right on schedule.

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