Episode 194: Bleed The Sky, Coldseed, Echoes Of Eternity, Mantic Ritual, Mendeed Album Reviews + Parkway Drive Preview


This week, your hosts had a little fun taking a trip down memory lane.  Or forgotten memory lane, as it were in some cases.  We don’t cover reissues often on this show, but since this week saw seven or eight of them from Metal Mind and not much of anything else going on, we decided to take a look at some of ’em.  Do you remember any of these?  Do you have any of these?  Or, is this your first time hearing them?  Let us know!


(all albums are reissues from Metal Mind)
Bleed the Sky Paradigm in Entropy
Coldseed Completion Makes the Tragedy
Echoes of Eternity The Forgotten Goddess
Mantic Ritual – Executioner
Mendeed – The Dead Will Live By Love

First Impressions:
Parkway Drive – “Vice Grip” taken from IRE due September 25, 2015 from Epitaph 

Bleed The Sky – Paradigm In Entropy

Coldseed – Completion Makes the Tragedy

Echoes of Eternity – The Forgotten Goddess

Mantic Ritual – Executioner

Mendeed – The Dead Will Live By Love

One comment

  1. Even though I think it’s good that you mixed things up with this “Flashback Friday” episode, the truth is that I haven’t heard of any of these bands. Given some of your lackluster reviews, I can see why I haven’t heard of any of them.

    You asked how thrash could evolve, and the answer was seen from Metallica. They started as a pure thrash band with Kill Em All, then evolved into more than thrash on subsequent albums while still maintaining thrash elements on at least their next two albums.

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