Episode 196: The Ongoing Concept, iwrestledabearonce, Wilson, Witch of the Waste, Neck of the Woods 2015 Album Reviews

Three’s Company…or Three’s a Crowd…

This week’s show follows a very similar trend to last week’s: there’s some awesome 5 (chaos)star releases, there  is one utter disappointment, and the rest fall in between.  Kinda strange how that worked out. There is one major difference this week, but it is obvious enough that I don’t need to explain it to you here.


The Ongoing Concept Handmade (Solid State)
iwrestledabearonce Hail Mary (Artery)
Wilson – Right to Rise (Razor & Tie)
Witch of the Waste – Made of Teeth (independent)
Neck of the Woods – Neck of the Woods (independent)

The Ongoing Concept – Handmande

iwrestledabearonce – Hail Mary

Wilson – Right To Rise

Witch Of The Waste – Made Of Teeth

Neck Of The Woods – Neck Of The Woods

One comment

  1. Cool to hear Mike Clancy on the show for this episode. But you can’t let him get away with giving a rating of a 2.5.

    I haven’t listened to the new Wilson yet other than the one song you played but I’m already disappointed with the album based on your reviews and this one song. I loved Full Blast Fuckery, but I sense a lack of fuckery on the new album.

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