Episode 198: Failure, Cradle Of Filth, Old Wounds, Party Cannon 2015 Album Reviews

Altering Perceptions…Kinda…Maybe…

Sometimes we get an album with so much hype for a reason unbeknown, we go in already kinda confused.  And sometimes we review an album by a band for whom we inexplicably have a certain disdain.  Other times, we justifiably aren’t fond of style, but we decide to give it another go with another band anyway.   This describes three of the four albums we review this week. The fourth…well, we didn’t know anything besides what we sampled, and we liked said samples.  I guess that kinda fits this accidental theme?


Failure The Heart is a Monster (INresidence)
Cradle of Filth Hammer of the Witches (Nuclear Blast)
Old Wounds – The Suffering Spirit (Good Fight)
Party Cannon – Bong Hit Hospitalisation (Gore House)

**Show note: The embedded song from Party Cannon is actually “Keg Stand By Me”**

Failure – The Heart Is A Monster

Cradle of Filth – Hammer Of The Witches

Old Wounds – The Suffering Spirit

Party Cannon – Bong Hit Hospitalisation


  1. Nick mentioned that he couldn’t pinpoint who the vocalist of The Failure reminded him of. After listening to the one track you played, the vocalist kind of reminded me of Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.

    It’s easy to guess which album you hinted at reviewing next week that we wouldn’t expect you to review, since it was one of the favorite bands of a certain former co-host. I’ll be looking forward to a review of said album because I’ve purchased it already and listened to it a few times. But the album is quite long and complex so it is still sinking in for me at this point.

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