Episode 199: Between the Buried and Me, Teethgrinder, Organ Dealer, Rest Among Ruins 2015 Album Reviews

Grinding Through Progression

As hinted at last week, we review the new BTBAM album this week, and we (accidentally) decided to pair it with another long-winded progressive album. In an attempt to balance that out, we picked two albums whose combined length is still not as long as either progressive album. They do, however, test our endurance…just in a very different way.


Between the Buried and Me Coma Ecliptic (Metal Blade)
Teethgrinder Misanthropy (Lifeforce)
Organ Dealer – Visceral Infection (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
Rest Among Ruins – Fugue (independent)

Between The Buried And Me – Coma Ecliptic

Teethgrinder – Misanthropy

Organ Dealer – Visceral Infection

Rest Among Ruins – Fugue

One comment

  1. A few thoughts about BTBAM. First is that it’s good that you reviewed it, even though it’s neither of your favorite bands. Second is something I may have said before, but if you want to know why people think this band is good then you need to listen to Colors. Colors is rather universally accepted to be their best album. Their last album, Paralex II: The Future Sequence, wasn’t very good. It just sort of meandered about without going anywhere or making an impression. Their latest album, Coma Ecliptic, is certainly better than their last album. I find myself enjoying this quite a bit. It’s also an album that has been released at the right time for me. This type of complex, off-kilter music is where my head is at these days. I’ve been enjoying stuff that’s a little different lately. I have liked the latest from Faith No More, I found that Native Construct did grow on me, and I have been listening to Arcturus (which is only ok). One of the things that I like about this type of music is that I can keep listening to it and still be surprised by what’s coming next and also still enjoy the music when those unexpected parts arrive.

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