Thank You!

As we were hitting Episode 200 and about to review the new Lamb of God (a band first heard about back in the radio show days) for Episode 201, it got me thinking about the effect this show has had on my life…

As many of you know, this podcast is the evolution of a radio show I started way back in 2003 at 98.1 WQAQ, then just “The Sideshow.” It was a rough start for me (you should hear that first show…oi!), but, specifically because of said rough start, I met Nick, he soon joined, and we picked up steam. When I graduated, I passed the show to Nick; when he graduated, he passed it to Kyle (aka The ROCK(Jock)). When Kyle graduated, he passed it down. Last I knew, The Sideshow was the longest running show in WQAQ history.

That show was priority for Nick and I when we were in school, many times to a fault. We spent far too much time meticulously plotting every show and building the brand. To be honest, it was just more fun than school work. It paid off, though…everybody who remotely cared about WQAQ (actually involved or not) knew who we were.  Even if they didn’t care, they saw the 5 foot chaos logo banner hanging in the cafe at various times.

The radio show was more than just fun, though. It actually changed my life, and had a lasting impact. It helped me become the Metal fan I am today, coming in at a time where I was ready to grow, musically speaking, introducing me to countless bands I may not have known otherwise. (Some of that was through Nick too.) I mean, ask anybody – I dove in as deep as I could and never came out. Arguably, I became obsessed…and still am. In turn, my lifestyle evolved to go with it all.

Most importantly, though, almost every friend I still have from college I have because of The Sideshow. Some I just keep up with mostly on social media, some I meet at shows, others I only get to see only a few times a year, and a few are some of my closest friends. (You all know who you are!) Without that show, I may not have met any of those people and have the relationships I do now. It seems weird to even think about that…

Also, that’s not to mention the people I didn’t keep in touch with who were part of my life then.  Whether it was having psuedo-philosophical discussions in the station lobby (where I spent a lot of time), going to Hartford or New Haven for a show (or that one time at the Elks Lodge in Hamden), or any other shenanigans that went down, these awesome radio people touched my life.

Even when I stopped doing the show after graduation (to which I did make one more appearance), it was still happening “underground” between Nick, Kyle and I via email. The podcast just brought it to the surface again. Like the radio show, this podcast is a labor of love to which we happily dedicate our time, working it in around full-time jobs, relationships, and the rest of our lives. We do it for the love of the music. We do it to keep the legacy alive…the legacy that forever impacted my life.*

So, to anybody who has ever listened to an episode, any band that has sent us their music, anybody who has taken the time out of their schedule to be on the show, everybody who has left a comment, liked s on Facebook, reviewed us on iTunes, said hi at a show…whatever you contributed, in any form…I sincerely thank you. It means the world.

– Brian

*I’m sure it impacted Nick’s too, but I am not going to speak for him.


  1. It’s cute you think our reviews are quality. LOL. Just kidding.

    Thanks! it’s great to know that – using you as a sample for the audience – that we are helping people discover new music! Some of the stuff we are reviewing are discoveries for us too, so it’s nice to have people along for the ride.

  2. While I might not be able to articulate it was well as Brian did, I must turn it around and thank YOU guys for putting out quality reviews each and every week. Through the modern means of social media, I discovered that there were others out there who shared an interest in heavy music and had similar opinions in many cases. Along the way, I discovered some amazing albums and bands that I hadn’t heard of before or wouldn’t have listened to before if not for The Sideshow podcast. A few of those off the top of my head would include: Unhuman, Ne Obliviscaris, Black Crown Initiate, Polar, and of course, Vining Hill. Keep up the good work and I look forward to discovering that next great band that you guys uncover, as well as being informed if the latest album from established bands is worth my time and money.

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