1. So I’m going to make this week’s comment entirely about an album you are going to review next week. That album would be The Anthropocene Extinction by Cattle Decapitation. I am eagerly anticipating your reviews on that album. As I recall, their last album, Monolith of Inhumanity, was Brian’s top album of 2012. Since the new album The Anthropocene Extinction sounds similar to Monolith, will Brian like it as much as Monolith? Or will the expectations be so high that they result in The Anthropocene Extinction being a let down for him?

    As for Nick, I seem to remember Nick not liking Monolith. I don’t think it was anywhere to be seen in a year end list from Nick. But Nick’s tastes seem to have changed over the past 3 and a half years. Will Nick come around to enjoying the goblin vocal stylings of Travis Ryan? Or will The Anthropocene Extinction be seen as being too “death metal” without any qualifiers or adjectives? Side question: does “brutal” count as a death metal adjective? Or is it redundant?

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