Episode 203: Cattle Decapitation, Fear Factory, Hibria, The Oxford Coma 2015 Album Reviews + Summer Slaughter, Coal Chamber, Fear Factory Live Reviews

Live and Well

Boy, do we have a packed show for you!  I don’t think we’ve made an episode this long in quite some time!  Four new reviews, two of which really get your hosts talking.  We also have not one, but TWO live reviews, which in our infinite awesomeness, we coordinated with two of album reviews. So, strap yourself in for good one, freaks!  Oh, and be sure to get talking with us in the comments!


Cattle Decapitation The Anthropocene Extinction (Metal Blade)
Fear Factory Genexus (Nuclear Blast)
Hibria Hibria (Power Prog)
The Oxford Coma Paris is Mine (independent)

Live Review:
Summer Slaughter Tour at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ on August 9, 2015
Coal Chamber, Fear Factory, Jasta, Saint Ridley at Irving Plaza in New York, NY on August 11, 2015

Cattle Decapitation – The Anthropocene Extinction

Fear Factory – Genexus

Hibria – Hibria

The Oxford Coma – Paris Is Mine


  1. As you might be able to guess based on last week’s comment anticipating your review of the new Cattle Decapitation album, I am really liking The Anthropocene Extinction. It’s everything you said it is. The key to this album (and any good metal album) is contrast. The slower parts featuring the less guttural vocals provide a great contrast throughout the album. Brian was looking for the word to describe Cattle Decapitation’s progression and used the word “classy” but saying that isn’t quite the right word. The word I would use would be “mature”. The Anthropocene Extinction doesn’t seems quite as being gory for gore’s sake as previous albums might have been.

    Is The Anthropocene Extinction better than their last album Monolith of Inhumanity? That’s a tough call at this point. The jury is still out and more listening is required, but since Monolith was my number 2 album of 2012, that certainly means that The Anthropocene Extinction will be contending for one of the top albums of 2015. While I did think that Nick would like this album, it will be interesting to see where (if?) this appears at the end of the year for Nick.

    At Summer Slaughter at Webster Hall in NYC, I didn’t notice a distinction of the audience between the older fans (myself included) and the “kids”. It was a huge crowd spread out over the entire venue of Webster Hall of seemingly fans of all ages, but it seemed to me as if there were enough people enjoying every band that there didn’t seem like any type of divisive crowd. There certainly were some people there for the death metal bands and others there for the All Stars tour, but at no point did I sense any type of divisiveness among the crowd. Did some people leave before Arch Enemy? Probably. Did I have a few drinks by that time and wasn’t in much of a condition to notice? I’m not sure – I can’t remember.

    You don’t like the headless guitars that Beyond Creation play? What about the ones that Cynic play? I own 2 Steinberger guitars and one copy of a Steinberger (made by Hohner). One is a headless Steinberger with a strat-style body. Another is a Hohner guitar that is headless with the well known minimalist “box” body. And the third is a Steinberger that actually has both a strat-style body AND headstock (yes, headstock on a Steinberger).

    1. You own a Steinberger with a headstock?! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen that before. Weird!

      The couple Steinberger’s I have played have been extremely comfortable and easy to play on. I get why they are appreciated, but from a purely standing-back-and-looking-at-it viewpoint, I find them to be a bit off-putting. If you look at my wall of guitars you would find them to all be very traditional in shape and design.

      As of right now, I have no clue where Cattle Decapitation will fall on my year end list. What I can tell you is that even with some good jams this week I have been revisiting last weeks tunes from time to time…..

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