Episode 204: Dead Letter Circus, Soulfly, Krisiun, Divides 2015 Album Reviews

Brick By Boring Brick

To be clear – the episode is NOT boring! Your hosts just separately opine that some of the music could have been a little more interesting.  That doesn’t mean you should skip anything…you might like it!  You might think one of us is wrong and want to irrationally argue with the “wrong” host in the comments! There is fun to be had here, even if we didn’t think it was in the music.


Dead Letter Circus – Aesthesis (The End)
Soulfly Archangel (Nuclear Blast)
Krisiun Forged in Fury (Century Media)
Divides Brokentooth (independent)

Dead Letter Circus – Aesthesis

Soulfly – Archangel

Krisiun – Forged In Fury

Divides – Brokentooth


  1. Wait, what was that? Nick went back to give Between The Buried And Me a listen? Which album? Colors or Coma Ecliptic? I’m still listening to Coma Ecliptic even though it’s been out for a month and a half (and I started listening to it as soon as it was released). I’ve been listening to Coma Ecliptic so much that I’m prepared to do something that isn’t usually done: I’m declaring Coma Ecliptic the album of the year. I realize that there are still four months left in the year, and I realize it takes away some of the surprise of reading the year end list in December, but I’m ready to declare the album of the year now. I highly doubt that even with an impressive list of anticipated releases still to be put out this year that something will top Coma Ecliptic. I’ve listened to it at least four times a week for the past five weeks. I’m conservatively estimating that I’ve listened to it twenty times so far. I still love it and keep finding new things in it and parts that keep jumping out at me. Is it something that I thought was the album of the year after four spins? No. But I knew it was good enough that I kept wanting to listen to it. And listen to it. And listen to it. This album just does not grow tired of being heard. I realize you could say that you shouldn’t have to listen to an album 5 times before it makes an impression, and it would be a fair point. But after about that fifth time of listening to Coma Ecliptic it really started to sink into my bones. It calls out to me when I’m not listening to it, even while having some quite stellar albums that I’ve been listening to at the same time, such as Lamb of God and Cattle Decap. Those and any other albums yet to be released this year are fighting for second place.

    1. Yeah, Coma Ecliptic. I have listened to Colors plenty of times over the years – it’s the one of their albums that I actually purchased – and it continues to do nothing at all for me. Obviously, I’m not as in love with Coma Ecliptic as you are, but it is totally a solid album and worth going back to for sure.

      I also love how this whole thread has almost nothing to do with this episode. ha ha ha

    2. Meanwhile, I have not listened to Coma Ecliptic since the review, and haven’t really felt the desire to. While I admit I should give it another go, I guarantee you that this won’t be in my end of the year list.

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