Episode 212: Children of Bodom, Sevendust, Fit for an Autopsy, Kowloon Walled City 2015 Album Reviews

Crabcore and the Effect of Expectations

Our first two releases this week come in as sort of different sides to the same coin.  Bodom are coming off an album that we praised and thought was getting close to a return to form.  Sevendust, however, are coming off an album that we thought (apparently in the minority) was lackluster.  So, with varying hopes and exceptions, what do we think of the new ones?  Well, listen, and we’ll tell you!  ALSO!!  Mr. M. Clancey joins us for the Fit for an Autopsy review, so make sure you stay for that too!


Children of Bodom I Worship Chaos (Nuclear Blast)
Sevendust Kill the Flaw (7Bros)
Fit for an Autopsy Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell (eOne)
Kowloon Walled City
Grievances (Neurot)

Children of Bodom – I Worship Chaos

Sevendust – Kill The Flaw

Fit For An Autopsy – Absolute Hope, Absolute Hell

Kowloon Walled City – Grievances

In case you were wondering, no, I didn’t end up taking any metal-horn pics on my trip to Disney World this year.  If you wanna see some from last time I went, check out this old post. Instead, here is a pic of me rockin’ my Deftones shirt with Goofy, and shot of yours truly in the ridiculous hat I wore the entire vacation (and return trip home).  You’re welcome.



One comment

  1. So this week I agree with… Alix. I feel like you guys have reviewed four Children Of Bodom albums since you started the podcast. I had to look it up to find out that they actually have released albums on a regular 2 to 3 year cycle which means this is only the second time you’ve reviewed one of their albums. I suppose if you throw in live reviews, it seems like they pop up on the podcast frequently. For me, they haven’t made a good album since Are You Dead Yet, which came out exactly 10 years ago.

    What exactly is that high-pitched squeaky guitar effect that they use in Fit For An Autopsy that you guys were talking about? When you were talking about it, I thought you were referring to pinch harmonics. But then listening to the song you played, I don’t think it’s pinch harmonics. It sounds like maybe some type of pick scraping against the strings that reminds me of something in The Heaviest Matter of the Universe by Gojira.

    No teaser for next week? I’m hoping to hear about Gorod and possibly some live reviews next week. Is it too early to declare A Maze of Recycled Creeds by Gorod the tech death album of the year? There doesn’t seem to be much competition in the tech death category this year.

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