Episode 214: Born of Osiris, Abigail Williams, Shining (NO), Caligula’s Horse 2015 Album Reviews

Throw Me In The Chorus

Happy Halloween hangover!  And also happy November?  Geez…how did it get to November already?  Craziness.  Anyway, we’re hear to kick off this month with a new batch of tunes from the end of last month.  In our opinion, they run the gamut from amazing, must-buy to kinda meh, but they largely aren’t that simple to describe as such.  It’s a good thing we have this podcast to elaborate on that…and the comment section fro you to tell us your thoughts on these albums.


Born of Osiris – Soul Sphere (Sumerian)
Abigail Williams The Accuser (Candlelight)
Shining International Blackjazz Society (Spinefarm)
Caligula’s Horse 
Bloom (Inside Out)

Born Of Osiris – Soul Sphere

Abigail Williams – The Accuser

Caligula’s Horse – Bloom

Shining – International Black Jazz Society


  1. Congratulations. You managed to go the entire episode without calling them Born of O-Serious. It might have only been a certain former co-host who called them that. I do have to point out that Brian began his review of the new Born of Osiris album by disagreeing with Nick’s review but at the end you both gave it 3s. I did not buy Soul Sphere but I did give it a “try”, checking out a few tracks here and there. Nothing struck me as this being something I needed to go out and buy.

    I was wondering if you were going to listen to Transcendental, which is The Ocean/Mono split EP. I’ve been listening to that much of the week. Despite it being only 23 minutes and Amazon still charges full price, it was worth buying even just for the 13 minutes of The Ocean’s track. Mono contributes a decent enough 10 minute instrumental, but The Ocean lives up to the high expectations I now have of them.

    Now that it is November, I looked over the releases for the rest of the year. Except for Baroness, there are no anticipated releases for the rest of the year that I am looking forward to. And that’s a good thing. Bands have learned that they’d better get their albums out by November 1 if they hope to have a chance to make it on my year end list. Here’s a prediction: Decibel’s year end list will be released November 15 and Baroness will be on it despite their new album not being released until December 18. It doesn’t matter if Decibel has listened to the new Baroness album yet or not, it will be a top 10 album from them whether they’ve listened to it or not.

    1. Yeah, I disagreed with some of Nick’s points, but for our own reasons, we seemed to have met at the same spot.

      I saw that split existed, but I haven’t looked into yet. I’m not sure Nick knew it was a thing, so maybe we’ll get around to it later.

      While i can’t say we have highly anticipated releases coming, we do have the next three episodes planned out already. And aside from two (maybe three) bands, they are all ones we covered before. I think once we get past that, we may cut the number of reviews through the rest of the year so we’re not just scraping promos for the sake of doing reviews. This will also allow us to go back to everything else to start making lists.

      I let my Decibel subscription end (intentionally…i just haven’t made the time to read it anymore) but I’ll have to pick up the Top 40 of 2015 issue.

      1. Coincidentally, I let my Decibel subscription expire as well. Amazon wouldn’t let me auto-renew it for some reason, and since I’d been griping about it a lot lately I just let it expire. The irony is that after it expired, the bands they put on the cover were Ghost and Iron Maiden, which are 2 bands I would have like to have read about.

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