Episode 215: Twitching Tongues, Horrendous, Draconian, 40 Below Summer 2015 Album Reviews


No, the show is not a third of it’s length.  Get listening and you’ll understand before we get to the second review.


Twitching Tongues Disharmony (Metal Blade)
Horrendous Anareta (Dark Descent)
Draconian Sovran (Napalm)
40 Below Summer 
Transmission Infrared

Twitching Tongues – Disharmony

Horrendous – Anareta

Draconian – Sovran

40 Below Summer – Transmission Infrared



  1. Third length? I was listening and I still don’t understand. I feel like this is how my wife reacts every time I don’t pay attention to something she says and then refers back to.

    I guess I can understand why you would want to review 40 Below Summer. But I can’t figure out how you could be disappointed by it. Being disappointed by it implies you really expected to be good.

    Even though you guys said you have albums lined up to listen to for at least a week and a half, I’m already starting on my year end list. Looking over the release schedule, I’m doubting that something released in the next month is going to crack my top 20 for the year. It’s certainly possible that you find something from out of left field like you did two years ago with Unhuman, but I’m not counting on it.

    1. Yeah, I kinda keep a running google doc throughout the year of albums I expect to be on my year end list. I don’t think there is anything coming that will crack the top 10….but I’m not finalizing it.

    2. Related follow-up: We still have Intronaut and Vision Of Disorder coming out – both of which have been on or near-to-on our final lists in the past. Theoretically (I’ve haven’t seen anything saying otherwise) we should be seeing a new Deftones album this month as well and Baroness in mid December.

      1. Even if Intronaut was *nearly* on our year end lists when the last album came out, I’m not anticipating that the new album will be good enough to crack this year’s list. As for Deftones, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for a new album this year. The PRP says that the album is being mixed now but I can’t find any info about a release date. but I did find out that Pronostic will be releasing their latest album on November 21 according to their Facebook page, so that has potential. I’ve streamed a few songs from the new Pronostic album and so far so good.

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