Episode 218: Vision of Disorder, Otargos, Cult Leader 2015 Album Reviews + Machine Head Live Review

Leftovers and Fresh Meat

So, now that you have recovered from your food comas and Black Friday shopping antics, you can can relax and check out some new tunes and reviews.   We were going to do one of these reviews last week, but, much like the album we reviewed, that show ran longer than we intended. We also have a live review!  It derails a bit into a discussion of setlists, production, and the overall execution of concerts, but that’s just as interesting a topic to get involved with, in our humble opinions.


Vision of Disorder Razed to the Ground (Candlelight)
Otargos Zeno Kaos (Kaotoxin)
Cult Leader Lightless Walk (Deathwish)

Live Review(s):
An Evening with Machine Head at Webster Theater in Hartford, CT on November 25, 2015 and at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ on November 28, 2015

(sorry for the audio quality jump on the first review.  It was recorded last week.)

Vision Of Disorder – Razed To The Ground

Otargos – Xeno Kaos

Cult Leader – Lightless Walk


  1. How can you say that Iron Maiden should stop making albums and just tour on their legacy when you haven’t even listened to their latest album Book of Souls? I am fairly sure that I won’t be the only person who has Book of Souls on their year end list.

    Green LED christmas lights and a town parade with Santa held on Thanksgiving weekend must be a Massachusetts thing. I saw both of those this weekend when I was in Malden, Mass.

    1. While it is true I have not listened to Book of Souls, my disappointment with the last two albums hasn’t made me want to listen. I’m not saying Souls isn’t good – it may be great – I just don’t know if I care. I’ll listen to it at some point, I am sure, but if Maiden had announced last year that they weren’t gonna do another new record and just tour on old stuff, I would have been perfectly happy with that.
      – B

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