Episode 223: Earthside, Gods of Eden, Alustrium 2015 Album Reviews

Sh!t We Missed: Part 1

Happy New Year freaks! As with years past, we are starting this one off with some 2015 releases we didn’t get to because, well, in this case, we didn’t know they existed.  Unlike years past, however, we didn’t choose these albums by combing through other outlets’ year end lists.  Where did we get them?  Listen and find out!


Earthside A Dream in Static
Gods of Eden From the End of Heaven
Alustrium A Tunnel to Eden

Earthside – A Dream In Static

Gods Of Eden – From The End Of Heaven

Alustrium – A Tunnel To Eden


  1. Thanks for Earthside. I am certainly enjoying it, as this type of music is certainly my thing. I’m not even sure what genre it would be, though I guess it would certainly fall into some category of progressive music. For me, I’d give Earthside a 4, as I don’t think it would replace anything on my 2015 list. Juggernaut by Periphery would be the album to compare Earthside to, simply because Juggernaut was at the end of my top 20 for 2015. I’d say Juggernaut is slightly better than Earthside but that’s not much of a knock on Earthside. I would definitely be interested to see what Earthside could do next.

    The one thing from other people’s year end lists that I’m currently listening to is Children of the Night by Tribulation. I realize you guys listened to it back when it came out and didn’t really love it, but it suits the time of the year well for me. I’m sure I wouldn’t enjoy Children of the Night as much if I were listening to it in the summer (or on any nice day), but on these cold dark winter days, this type of “black n roll” fits the mood. As with Earthside, Children of the Night wouldn’t crack a top 20 for me from 2015, but it would almost certainly crack the top 30.

    That doom album by Subrosa from last year was so good that Nick forgot what it was.

    I’ll state the fact that you found three very good albums at the end of the year another way: we are in a golden age of music right now. There is soooo much good music out there right now that even you guys who listen to 200 albums a year still leave out a lot of very good music. One possible explanation as to why some of these bands are unsigned is simply because there are more good bands out there than labels have capacity for. I realize you could argue that Pronostic and others are better than many signed bands, but I am floating the possibility that as a label you can’t sign every good band you may come across because there are just so many good bands these days. And I’m not just referring to metal. I have a friend who is a classical pianist who is releasing a CD of solo piano pieces by contemporary composers. He made a “call for scores” online and was flooded with responses from composers from all over the globe who sent him good piano music. Whether you are a record label, a reviewer for a podcast, a pianist putting together a CD, or just a listener, we have an abundance of good music available to us at a distance no further than a few clicks away.

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