Episode 224: Arcturus, Slugdge, Of Modern Architecture 2015 Album Reviews

Sh!t We Missed: Part Deux

As January continues to just drip releases, we bring you some more releases we missed in 2015.  Spoiler alert – much like last week, these are also all awesome! So I hope you have some of that money you got from grandma for Christmas, because you are probably going to want add a couple of these to your collection.


Arcturus Arcturian (Prophecy Productions)
Slugdge Dim & Slimeridden Kingdoms
Of Modern Architecture – Wilderness

Arcturus – The Arcturian

Of Modern Architecture – Wilderness

Slugdge – Dim and Slimeridden Kingdoms


  1. Hey, I listened to Arcturus last year. I mentioned it in the comments to episode 199 when I talked out how I was enjoying stuff that was complex and a little different (that was back in July). You are certainly correct that the vocals are the oddest part. They take a couple of listens to get used to and I as well am still not 100% sure if I like those vocals or not. Metal Archives lists them as avant-garde progressive metal, which sums them up pretty good. I would also add that their sound makes me think of outer space. When I originally listened to Arcturus last year I thought it really wouldn’t be your type of thing. While I liked Arcturian, I also didn’t think it was quite good enough that I had to recommend that you guys listen to it. But it’s cool that you did and I’m slightly surprised that you both liked it as much as you did. I’d give it a four as well. You also picked the right song to play to best represent the album, despite your reluctance to play the first song on an album.

    You guys certainly found some cool stuff in this year’s shit you missed. I hadn’t heard of Slugdge and Of Modern Architecture before, but the songs you played were quite good.

    Next week: Baroness? Exmortus?

    Why didn’t you mention that there is a new EP out from a band called Trails? You should hear the bass tone on that EP!

    1. We’ve got Baroness coming next week and spaced out Exmortus until the following week since there aren’t a ton of big releases coming out quite yet….

      Thanks for the Trails support dude! …I don’t think it quite fits in the general style of this show, so we probably won’t mention it. That, and I really don’t like shameless self promotion…..

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