Episode 228: Toothgrinder, Abbath, Bury Tomorrow 2016 Album Reviews + Deftones, Amon Amarth Previews

Putting Out the Fire

Making up for our prior lies, this week’s reviews are all 2016 releases!  One of them is even Black Metal album!  Also…new Deftones.  Do you need any more reason to listen?  I hope not, because that is about all I got…


Toothgrinder – Nocturnal Masquerade (Spinefarm)
Abbath Abbath (Season of Mist)
Bury Tomorrow – Earthbound (Nuclear Blast)

Toothgrinder – Nocturnal Masquerade

Abbath – Abbath

Bury Tomorrow – Earthbound


  1. I agree with Brian about Abbath and Immortal. I’m not a big black metal fan, but I like Immortal. Their album At the Heart of Winter is certainly one of the best ever classic black metal albums. Abbath’s self-titled solo album continues Immortal’s legacy. I don’t expect this album to win over anyone who doesn’t already like Immortal (such as Nick), but this album does continue to show that good music can be made in a 25 year old sub-genre that doesn’t sound stale. Plus there is the appeal of Abbath’s persona. His whole over-the-top act is something that I now understand. I get it – and I find it amusing. Did you see that photo shoot he recently did where he was gallivanting around London? Hilarious!

    I know that it’s been out for two weeks now, but don’t sleep on Winter Thrice by Borknagar. Even if you don’t review it on the podcast, I’d recommend at least listening to the first two songs on the album (“The Rhymes of the Mountain” and the song “Winter Thrice”, both of which have official videos on YouTube), as I haven’t been able to get those two songs out of my head.

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