Episode 234: Killswitch Engage, Gadget, Droids Attack 2016 Album Reviews + Dead Empires, Slugdge, Polar Previews

We Have Those Droids You’re Looking For!

We also have some other releases you may be looking for! Before you go taking them from us, you should hear us out and see if they really are ones you want.  I promise we won’t be pulling some mind trick BS…we’re not that good.


Killswitch Engage Incarnate (Roadrunner)
Gadget – The Great Destroyer (Relapse)
Droids Attack Sci-Fi or Die (Riff Reaper)

First Impressions:
Dead Empires – “True Believer”, new single recorded with Kurt Ballou at Converse Rubber Tracks in Boston, MA
Slugdge – “Slave Goo World” from forthcoming new album out later this year on Willowtip
Polar – “Tidal Waves and Hurricanes” from No Cure, No Saviour out May 6th from Prosthetic

Killswitch Engage  – Incarnate

Gadget – The Great Destoyer

Droids Attack – Sci-Fi Or Die



  1. Bob’s picks for today’s releases: Amon Amarth, Wormed, Black Black Black. I have a feeling you’ll be reviewing two of those three. Make it so.

    1. You’ll get one of these in 235, one in 236, and I have not idea what the other one is. Should we be checking it out?

      1. Black Black Black is a local Brooklyn band that leans more towards throwback / sludge rock than metal. I suspect they are your type of thing, but maybe Nick would dig it. But that’s why I figured you would only be reviewing Amon Amarth and Wormed from the 3 albums I bought on Friday.

  2. My initial impressions that I mentioned last week of Incarnate by Killswitch Engage still stand. Which means I completely agree with you guys. They really “dialed this one in” as Nick said. Brian makes a good point about them trying too hard to put an “edge” to it. I did enjoy their previous album, Disarm the Descent, ranking it my number 15 album of 2013 and I still stick by that ranking 3 years later. But it seems like Killswitch just tried to make Incarnate heavy instead of making it good.

    Thanks for pointing out that there is a new Polar album coming out in the not too distant future. I did not know about that. I still go back to their last album which easily stands up as one of the best, if not the best, hardcore albums of the past few years.

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