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  1. I’m disappointed that I missed that Fear Factory show. Tickets sold out quickly and I snoozed on them. Even though there is another show tonight, I can’t make it tonight.

    The vibe you described at the Dead Empires show is similar to many shows you get at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn. It’s cool that you saw Moon Tooth. They toured with Godmaker and I saw them at Saint Vitus. I liked Moon Tooth enough that I bought their 2016 album Chromaparagon after I saw them. I like it. I’m not sure even how to categorize Moon Tooth. Metal Archives just calls them Progressive Metal. They sound nothing like an classic type of a progressive metal band such as Dream Theater, nor do they sound like a modern djent-y progressive metal band. Until you mentioned it, I had not thought of the similarity to Protest The Hero which is a good comparison. If you enjoyed Moon Tooth live then I’d recommend checking out Chromaparagon.

    I think most groove metal bands fall into the category that you referred to as “just metal”. If we can’t find an adjective to describe bands such as Pantera, Machine Head, or Byzantine, then the adjective they use is “groove”.

    I actually only just saw Mad Max Fury Road so it’s funny that you should compare someone you saw at a concert to the guy playing the guitar in Mad Max.

    What a teaser for next week’s episode! What could it be? Perhaps the long awaited but not forgotten episode 100? I can’t think of anything else. I’m going to in Disney World so I might just miss the next episode. Or more likely I might be listening to it 3 days later than usual.

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