1. I knew this week’s special episode would be #100! Brian didn’t even tip me off to it.

    Since you started with everyone’s experience with Deftones, here’s mine. My first exposure to Deftones was due to the fact that Around The Fur was heavily promoted in comic books in 1997 and 1998. Back in 97/98, there was no internet, MTV had devolved into no longer playing music videos, so it seemed like record labels were looking for new ways to promote their music. Comic books got flooded with ads of the album cover of Around The Fur. I checked it out and thought it wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t say I became a fan of Deftones then. A few years later they came out with White Pony and it got positive reviews so I checked it out and loved it. I still think White Pony is easily their best album. Their self-titled album was ok but then I didn’t even listen to Saturday Night Wrist due to the poor reviews. Then Diamond Eyes came out and it received positive reviews and I loved that album, with it being my second favorite. Koi No Yokan was good but a bit of a disappointment after Diamond Eyes.

    Now to Gore. I don’t like it. It’s bland. I read a review where they said it has “more build-ups to less pay-offs”. It has no pay off for me. You guys mention that it is a grower. When is it going to grow on me? How many times to I have to listen to an album before it grows on me? I think Brian has said before that he feels like he is trying to make himself like an album that doesn’t grab him but keeps listening to it over and over. I feel like that with Gore. I’ve listened to it about 4 or 5 times and I’m not liking it. If I listened to it any more I feel like I’d be trying to make myself like it. Combine that with the fact that there is lots of other stuff I want to listen to right now such as Ihsahn, Zenith Passage, and Mantar that makes me feel that I don’t need to listen to Gore any more.

    Someone (Sal?) said that he liked the singles better than the deep cuts. How do you even know what the singles are? I didn’t know that bands still release singles. When the album is released, you can buy any individual song on iTunes or Amazon, so what qualifies as a single these days?

    A Nitzer Ebb reference and a Quicksand reference? That’s cool. I’m hoping that Deftones don’t tour much anymore so that there can be more Quicksand shows in NYC!

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