Episode 239: Aborted, October Tide, The Foreshadowing 2016 Album Reviews + Amon Amarth, Entombed AD, Exmortus Live Reviews

Dark Tunes for Sunny Days

We have a fully stacked episode for you this week!  Three album reviews, two First Impressions, one live review, and whole lot of Metal! You’re getting a little late start (sorry about that) so I’ll skip further banter and let you get listening.


Aborted Retrogore (Century Media)
October Tide Winged Waltz (Agonia)
The Foreshadowing Seven Heads Ten Horns (Cyclone Empire)

Live Reviews:
Amon AmarthEntombed A.D. , Exmortus at Playstation Theatre in New York, NY on April 22, 2016

First Impressions:
Nails – “You Will Never Be One of Us” off You Will Never Be One Of Us out June 17th from Nuclear Blast
Gojira – “Stranded” from Magma out June 17th from Roadrunner


Aborted – Retrogore

October Tide – Winged Waltz

The Foreshadowing – Seven Heads Ten Horns


  1. Good, comprehensive review of the Amon Amarth show, Brian. The only thing I would add is about the sound. This show proved that the sound quality at Best Buy / Playstation Theater continues to be one of the best places to hear a concert in NYC. I thought all 3 bands sounded great. I don’t think I can even remember hearing sub-par sound at this venue.

    Decibel gave the new Nails album a 10? In this case, I know how they got it already because I’ve heard Nails frontman Tood Jones say that the new album has been done since January. But they couldn’t release it until June because the vinyl manufacturers are so backed up that it takes 6 months for them to make the vinyl. No word about why they couldn’t release the music now for download and then wait to release the vinyl later.

    I’m still listening to Arktis by Ihsahn. It’s a very solid work of progressive metal (more so than I would call it black metal, which it really isn’t despite Ihsahn being famous for fronting Emperor). I’m doubting that Arktis will be album of the year for me, but unless there are lots of really great albums released in the remainder of the year, Arktis will certainly be a top 10 album for me in 2016.

    1. Vinyl manufacturing is a nightmare and has been since the resurgence started. Until more plants are made, it is not a problem that will get better soon.Though, i do kinda remember reading an article last year about somebody finding a whole bunch of unused equipment that help alleviate the burden.

      What is funny about this relating to Nails is that I preordered the brown vinyl from NB, and i got an email from them on Tuesday stating, “We’re very sorry but due to a delay in production the release date for the Nails “You Will Never Be One of Us” BROWN VINYL has been pushed back to 7/22/16.” So, I hope they send me a download in the meantime!

      Similarly, i got an email Wednesday from Prosthetic that the colored vinyl I pre-ordered for Polar’s No Cure No Saviour” has been delayed, so they included a bandcamp download. If you are keeping track, that was two days before today’s official release. Prosthetic’s customer service is always on point!

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