Episode 250: Inter Arma, Chevelle, Ancst 2016 Album Reviews + Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Of Mice & Men Live Reviews

Look!  Another Milestone!

And what did we do to commemorate it?  Same thing we did for the last couple milestones…nothing. That said, it just so happens we kinda dove back into the Sideshow’s nu-metal roots this week.  I guess that could count for something? Maybe?


Inter Arma Paradise Gallows (Relapse)
Chevelle – The North Corridor (Epic)
Ancst – Moloch (Halo of Flies)

Live Review:
SlipknotMarilyn Manson, and Of Mice & Men at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ on July 9, 2016

Inter Arma – Paradise Gallows

Chevelle – The North Corridor

Ancst – Moloch


  1. First impression of “Selves We Cannot Forgive” by Black Crown Initiate: not tech-y enough.

  2. For a minute there when you started talking about older nu metal bands, I thought you were going to review the new Nonpoint. Then I was relieved to hear you were talking about Slipknot and Chevelle. Wonder What’s Next is really the only album I’ve listened to by Chevelle, and it’s pretty good. But I never really felt the need to keep listening to them. As for Nonpoint, I never actually listened to them. On a whim, I decided to listen to the single from their new album. I was actually surprised to discover that it didn’t offend me. By no means will I be getting the album, nor do I think you should review it.

    I realize there was an Independence Day holiday recently, but the metal labels can certainly do a better job of spreading out the releases. I haven’t bought any albums since Nails and Gojira (Magma gets better each time I listen to it, btw), then this Friday there are four highly anticipated releases for me: BCI, Hammers of Misfortune, Periphery, and Revocation.

    1. Yeah, we haven’t decided yet which three of those four we are going to do in 252. Lol. I guess it will depend what drops the following weeks.
      I have always loved Wonder What’s Next, and still one of the two I go back to the most. Some of the ones in the middle just didn’t stick with me (Vena Sera and Scifi Crimes) but it think that is more because of how much other music I was consuming more than them being bad albums.

      1. I Apple Music-ed the new Nonpoint but haven’t had a chance to get more than 2 songs in so far. That band came out at a perfectly transitional time for me – blending my love of 311/rap with an edgier intro to metal. As such, I have always followed them and there have been a couple great albums. Seriously – “To The Pain” is straight up fantastic and I would recommend it to anyone.

        The last few have been awful. Line up changes plagued the sound and brought with it some very lazy writing. The two songs I’ve checked on from the new one have been better……but I refuse to be optimistic about it.

        So, there you have it, more info than you would ever need about a band you don’t care about. Typical Sideshow I suppose….


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