Episode 256: Sabaton, Soilwork, Slowly We Rot 2016 (& 2015) Album Reviews + Meshuggah and In Flames Previews

Time in Sweden…With a Stop in Belgium

We didn’t mean to do this, but it turns out four of the five bands we discuss this week are from Sweden. Those four bands are also signed to Nuclear Blast in at least some part of the world, so apparently they have an affinity of the country too.  I guess most of us Metalheads do now that i think about it…  Anyway, enjoy the show, sorry it is late, and let us know your thoughts on these releases!


Sabaton The Last Stand (Nuclear Blast)
Soilwork Death Resonance (Nuclear Blast)
Slowly We Rot Poverty of Existence

First Impression:
Meshuggah – “Born in Dissonance” from The Violent Sleep of Reason out October 7th from Nuclear Blast
In Flames – “The End” from Battles out November 11th from Eleven Seven Music Group

Sabaton – The Last Stand

Soilwork – Death Resonance

Slowly We Rot – Poverty Of Existence


  1. The Last Stand by Sabaton is certainly a little disappointing to me. It’s not a bad album, but it has become clear that Sabaton peaked with Carolus Rex. Carolus Rex was awesome and I still go back to it regularly. But too many of the songs on The Last Stand start to bleed together and are too similar. Even throwing in a ballad would have probably made The Last Stand better. It’s certainly not a 2 of an album for me, so I’d go with a 3 because there are enjoyable songs and catchy choruses here. It’s just that compared to Sabaton’s best, The Last Stand doesn’t “stand” up.

    As for Sabaton’s older albums, The Art of War is the next album to listen to as it is probably their second best album (after Carolus Rex). Primo Victoria, their first album, might be worth a listen as well. But most of their other earlier albums are ones you can probably skip.

    One last note about Sabaton is that they are an awesome live band. Their uptempo, rallying call type of songs with sing along choruses work to perfection live. Which is why I’m looking forward to seeing them in NYC with Trivium in October (October is shaping up to be a very busy month for concerts).

    I’m guessing that the one for next week you changed your mind about is Inquisition. Their last album was awesome!

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