Episode 257: SubRosa, The Nietzsche, Lies 2016 Album Reviews + Heaven Shall Burn Preview

Inconsistent Speeds

It is said “variety is the spice of life.” You don’t get much more “variety” than listening to 15 minute long Doom songs next to minute and a half long furious Hardcore Punk songs. We at least do you a solid and throw some Mathcore-ish stuff in the middle. It makes the transition easier.  Trust me.


SubRosa For This We Fought the Battle of the Ages  (Profound Lore)
The Nietzsche – Welcome to Poetry 201
Lies – Abuse/Plague

First Impression:
Heaven Shall Burn – “Bring the War Home” from Wanderer out September 16th from Century Media

SubRosa – For This We Fought The Battle Of The Ages

The Nietzsche – Welcome To Poetry 201

Lies – Abuse/ Plague


  1. I realize your perspective is different than mine, but I don’t think that the releases have been slow lately. But that’s because my perspective is that if there is an average of one anticipated and/or good release per week, then that’s not slow for me. Also, when there’s three good releases in one week, I usually spread them out over several weeks, rather than try to gorge on them all at once. Hence why I’ve still been enjoying Guidance by Russian Circles. That album is great and has kept me listening to it for weeks.

    As for Subrosa, I didn’t love their last album (I only really gave it a try in the literal sense), but I bought their new one. It still hasn’t fully sunk in, but it’s “so-so” so far.

    1. That’s fair. If I was you, I’d also be happy with one it two a week, for the same reason. So, I guess we shouldn’t be complaining…it’s probably smart of the labels (assuming it’s intentional). We also have a crapton of options if we wanted to draw from the hat (so to speak).

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