Episode 259: Exalt, Trap Them, Of Mice & Men 2016 Album Reviews + Car Bomb Preview

What’s Thick, Heavy, and Feels Oh So Good?

Answer – the production on 3/4 of what we cover this week.
Anyway, last week we previewed a new Trap Them song and then commented we can hopefully review the album soon.  Well guess what? We can and we did. In addition to that, we have (spoiler alert) another awesome album…and one that missed the mark worse than a Stormtrooper. The new Car Bomb song almost makes up for it though.


Exalt The Shape You Took Before the Ache (Good Fight)
Trap Them Crown Feral (Prosthetic)
Of Mice & Men – Cold World (Rise)

First Impression:
Car Bomb – “Sets” from Meta out October 28th

Exalt – The Shape You Took Before The Ache

Trap Them – Crown Feral

Of Mice & Men – Cold World


  1. Am I allowed to declare an album to be the best of the year before it’s even released? It is streaming, after all.

  2. All I have this week is a live review. PlayStation Theater saw a great group of three “Bob” bands perform on a single night. Fallujah made a good opener, as they were pretty mellow but just enough to get everyone started. Then I didn’t even know which band was going on next. I even asked somebody and they didn’t know either, as apparently this was one of those co-headlining tours. But when the first strains of “Node” started, I knew Between The Buried And Me were playing their latest album Coma Ecliptic in its entirety. I happen to love that album (it was my number one album of 2015), and it came across great live. To be honest, that was the best possible setlist that BTBAM could have played in my opinion. That album deserves to be heard in its entirety and it is just as powerful live as it is in the recording. Then Devin Townsend came on and played a very good set – until the last song. The last song was “Higher” off the album he released last week,Transcendence. That song is not one of the better ones on the album. But due to the union curfew, that song was played instead of Grace, which was highly disappointing. I can’t complain too much, because it was all over 3 hours of great music and musicianship, but not finishing with my favorite song left me disappointed.

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