Episode 265: Wovenwar, Seeker, Venom Prison 2016 Album Reviews + Protest the Hero Preview

Not So Much Awesome

We’ve had a fair amount of big winners the last couple of weeks but all good things must come to an end, right?  Well, here ya have it…


Wovenwar Honor is Dead (Metal Blade)
Seeker Loss (Victory)
Venom Prison Animus (Prosthetic)

First Impression:
Protest the Hero – “Harbinger” taken from Pacific Myth out November 18th from Razor & Tie

Wovenwar – Honor Is Dead

Seeker – Loss

Venom Prison – Animus


  1. I realize it’s weeks later, but I’ve still been listening to Dissociation by Dillinger Escape Plan. Here’s the thing: it hasn’t gotten better with repeated listenings. The first four times I listened to it, I thought it was pretty good but I thought it would certainly get better as I kept listening to it. But that didn’t happen. I find that Dissociation seems too disjointed to make a big impression. Even when I skip “Fugue”, the rest of the songs still have some nice moments but I feel that the crazy parts aren’t crazy enough and the melodic parts aren’t catchy enough. It’s as though they took the formula from their last album One Of Us Is the Killer and compressed it down so that the extreme contrast is lessened. By no means is Dissociation a bad album, but I can’t help but feel disappointed by it compared to their last album.

    -We saw TesseracT at Irving Plaza at the infamous Cult of Luna show which I left half way through and didn’t even stay for Katatonia (it was a weeknight).

    -You’re criticizing the female vocalist of Venom Prison because she’s no better than Angela was? Who’s better than Angela?

    -Wait, who did you say recommended checking out the Moon Tooth album? I seem to recall someone recommending you do that in the comments section way back in episode 237.

    1. Apparently we need to take better notes when reading your comments since this is not the first time this happened. Lol.

      I wasn’t criticizing Venom Prison’s vocalist in comparison to Angela. At least I wasn’t intending to…her voice just fine. I was just noting that, like the rest of the band and album, nothing stood out as particularly special.

      Yeah, I recall that show surprisingly well because it was possibly the most disappointing show I have ever been to.

      I actually plan on listening to Dissociation again today since I haven’t spun the vinyl yet. I have listened to it a few more times and though I didn’t think about it, I have to agree – I have been enjoying it but it hasn’t gotten any better. That said, I don’t think I have listened enough to fully compare the experience to One of Us is the Killer. I am gonna be bias to that one because I have had it longer and heard it more. Currently, yes, I can say it is a little more memorable than Dissociation, but again, I have had much more time with it.

      – Brian

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