Episode 266: Car Bomb, Goes Cube, Destrage 2016 Album Reviews + Code Orange Preview

Diversity within Diversity

One of these things is a lot less like the others, but those other have a lot going on within themselves, so it all kinda works out in the end.  Didn’t follow that? Then just get listening and it will make sense by the end of the show.


Car Bomb Meta
Goes Cube Shadows Swallowed the Flood (Old Flame)
Destrage A Means to No End (Metal Blade)

First Impression:
Code Orange – “Forever” taken from Forever out January 13, 2017 from Roadrunner

Car Bomb – Meta

Goes Cube – Shadows Swallowed The Flood

Destrage – A Means To No End

One comment

  1. Are You Kidding Me? No. by Destrage was an album that I bought when it came out two and a half years ago and enjoyed. But with the current supply of good albums exceeding the time I have to listen to them all, I was planning on skipping their latest release, A Means to No End. After listening to the song you played, “Blah Blah”, I quite enjoyed it. Now I’m on the fence about getting the album.

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