Episode 268: Starkill, Hierophant, Moon Tooth 2016 Album Reviews + Benighted Preview

We’re  Missing a Few Lucky Charms 

Good luck getting horseshoes or balloons in here… Anyway, we have a jam packed show this week.  Why? On top of our (new) usual, we sprinkled a like live review for a little extra flavor.  Don’t like it? You can scrape it off and stick with what you’re used to.


Starkill Shadow Sleep (Prosthetic)
Hierophant Mass Grave (Season of Mist)
Moon Tooth – Chromaparagon

First Impression:
Benighted – “Versipellis” taken from Necrobreed out February 17, 2017 from Season of Mist

Live Review:
“The Fury Tour” featuring Soilwork, Unearth, Battlecross, Wovenwar, and Darkness Divide at Gramercy Theater on November 13, 2016

Starkill – Shadows Sleep

Hierophant – Mass Grave

Moon Tooth – Chromaparagon

One comment

  1. I agree that Moon Tooth is hard to describe. I didn’t even make the connection with Protest The Hero until you guys mentioned it previously and I do like the Destrage comparison. Nick asks if Moon Tooth is metal? They have an entry in metal archives as “progressive metal” and they are a local NY band that plays regularly at Saint Vitus (which is where I discovered them). I’d say that makes them metal. I do agree with you guys that not every song on Chromaparagon hits me and strikes me as enjoyable, but most of the songs are good. One other thing to note is that this is Moon Tooth’s debut album. I look forward to hearing what they come up with next. I’ve been starting to think about my year end list, and I can potentially see Chromaparagon being on the periphery of my top 20 albums (which is a not so subtle hint about a different album that is certainly going to be near the top).

    I’ll be driving to New Jersey next Tuesday to see Battlecross and Allegaeon. Speaking of Allegaeon, they started a patreon campaign and I signed up. If there is one band I feel the need to contribute to, it’s Allegaeon.

    Next week: Metallica! I’ve been listening to Hardwired to Self Destruct a lot already but there is a lot of music on it to digest. So while I do have some initial impressions, I’m not ready to pass judgment on it yet. One thing I will say is that it’s been 8 years since their last real album and this album is 80 minutes long. I’d much rather have 40 minutes of music released every 4 years than 80 minutes of music released every 8 years.

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