Episode 274: Khemmis, Destroyer 666, Eternal Sleep 2016 Album Reviews

Shit We Missed: Part 1

Happy New Year freaks!  Another year is in the books and 2017 will most certainly be, um, interesting on a number of fronts.  But before we get into any new things, we have to look back on some shit we missed.  You should have known this was coming…it’s a tradition here on the Sideshow!

Are they albums you loved from last year that we completely missed?  Let us know in the comments so we can check them out!


Khemmis Hunted (20 Buck Spin)
Destroyer 666 Wildfire (Season of Mist)
Eternal Sleep – The Emptiness of (Closed Casket Activities)

Khemmis – Hunted

Destroyer 666 – Wildfire

Eternal Sleep – The Emptiness Of…

One comment

  1. I’m giving a 5 to Hunted by Khemmis. This album is great. I don’t often remark about this, but the production is fantastic. In the song “Beyond the Door” you can hear the guitar harmony balanced perfectly between the left and right channels. Then when the solo starts, the doubled guitar punches in right in the center channel while the rhythm guitars stay on the left and right. I realize that is not a new technique, but it’s just so clear and well balanced on this album that it stands out to me as being exceptionally well done. If I were to redo my year end list, this would come in at number 9 or 10.

    Destroyer 666 isn’t my cup of tea either, but it’s good you confirmed that.

    If there’s one album from 2016 that you missed that I would recommend it would be Arktis by Ihsahn. I recognize that his previous album Eremita wasn’t anything you need to listen to, but Arktis is significantly better. Arktis certainly leans on the prog elements, but brings a range of ideas to the music (including saxophone in one song). But don’t let that scare you, as the album is solid and highlighted by the closing track “Celestial Violence.”

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