Episode 276: Knocked Loose, A Sense of Gravity, Shokran 2016 Album Reviews

Shit We Missed: Part 3

Yeah, we are making SWM a trilogy this year?  Why?  Well, we found more 2016 albums we wanted to check out…and it’s our show and we can do what we want.  Like most forced trilogies, though, this one is not as strong a the other two. Wait!  That doesn’t mean the albums aren’t good!  I just mean that they aren’t as notable as ones the past two weeks.


Knocked Loose Laugh Tracks (Pure Noise)
A Sense of Gravity Atrament
Shokran – Exodus

Knocked Loose – Laugh Tracks

A Sense of Gravity – Atrament

Shokran – Exodus


  1. Have fun at NAMM, Nick. I’m jealous!

    At this time of year for me due to the lack of current releases, I also listen to “shit I missed.” But I don’t necessarily limit myself to last year’s releases. It’s the time of year for me to go back to anything old that I may not have listened to at the time – and there’s a lot of it. Due to the short days and cold temps, black metal has become a natural genre to listen to at this time of year. I’m also discovering that the genre of black metal is very broad. I never actually listened to any Dimmu Borgir before now, and their style of symphonic black metal seems worlds apart from the folky black metal of Agalloch (which I’m also listening to).

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