Episode 277: Wormrot, Wvrm, Wake, Vaulting 2016 Album Reviews

Short and Bitter

I know we haven’t gotten to 2017 releases yet, but we did do four releases this week.  Why four? Because they are short so we had the time.  And when I say short, I mean that all of these releases combined run only 10 minutes longer than one of our albums from last week.  There’s some good stuff in here, so get listening and grind these out with us!


Wormrot Voices (Earache)
Wvrm Heartache
Wake – Sewing the Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow
Vaulting – Vanitas

Wormrot – Voices

Wvrm – Heartache

Wake – Sowing The Seeds Of A Worthless Tomorrow

Vaulting – Vanitas

One comment

  1. Progressive grindcore? Metal Archives lists the band Beaten To Death as “Progressive/Avant-garde Grindcore”. Close enough?

    Looking over the upcoming release calendar, the entire winter looks very light. January is usually pretty sparse, but even February and March don’t have many releases from bands that I’ve even heard of. That doesn’t mean there won’t be some surprise breakthough album from a band I haven’t heard of, but it does mean there isn’t all that much that I’m anticipating. Which means I have more opportunity to go back and keep listening to shit I missed from previous years, such as Khemmis’s debut album from 2015.

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