1. Oooo! New Mastodon! One of the interesting things about Mastodon is the fact that all four guys contribute to the vocals. Even though Bill Kelliher really only sings backing vocals here and there, the other 3 guys spread around the vocal duties. So on many Mastodon songs, I’m not entirely sure who is singing. And that’s certainly the case with that new song you played. Even though Troy Sanders’s raspy vocals are pretty distinctive, when he seems to be singing at the same time as Brann Dailor on this song, I can’t really tell if it’s both guys singing or if the vocals are double tracked.

    I was curious about that Ne Obliviscaris instrumental band, Vipassi. I saw their album released last week and I was intrigued because I love Ne Obliviscaris (including Citadel), but was hesitant about this new album. From your tepid review and based on the song you played, I don’t think I need to buy that album.

    1. Thanks to “Once More…” and the new singles, this is the first Mastodon album I’m actually looking forward to in a long time. What is even more interesting about the vocal contributions is that they manage to do it well. In theory, it is really easy to have four vocalists contributing and having it sound like a disaster. Mastodon really understand all of their different voices and where to use them.

      I remembered you really liked Citadel (I need to go back to it…it’s been a while), but I would definitely say don’t buy this album. Stream it maybe, but I think you’ll be disappointed overall. – Brian

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