Episode 281: Overkill, Mors Principium Est 2017 and Sunless Rise 2015 Album Reviews

Shreddin’ Slopes and Guitars

Sorry this one is up so late.  Your hosts went skiing over the long weekend*, so we were incidentally slacking on our podcast duties.  But, hey, it is here, we still haven’t missed a week since the start, and there are three albums for you to check out with us, so all is well.

*President’s Day weekend in the US


Overkill The Grinding Wheel (Nuclear Blast)
Mors Principium Est – Embers of a Dying World (AFM)
Sunless Rise – Unrevealed

Overkill – The Grinding Wheel

Mors Principium Est – Embers of a Dying World

Sunless Rise – Unrevealed



  1. Regarding my recommending albums, I’ve actually tried to limit mentioning bands and albums to stuff that I think you won’t dislike. After 5 years of listening to this podcast I have a general sense of what your tastes are, though there are certainly surprises here and there (such as Cyborg Octopus). It seems like the surprises fall into the progressive genre. I haven’t quite figured out what it is about progressive metal that makes you like some bands over others that are similar. For example, Metal Archives lists Opeth as the band most similar to Ne Obliviscaris. Between the Buried And Me is very similar to Cyborg Octopus. Yet of those two groups of bands, you guys only like one of each of those. But I know enough to not recommend bands from other subgenres such as black metal (such as Inquisition or Alcest), nor bands that get talked about in metal blogs but aren’t really metal (such as Steven Wilson or Haken), any certainly not any power metal bands.

    Also, I was going to mention that Byzantine is having another Pledge Music campaign for their latest album. When I went to make my pledge, I clicked on the list of pledgers and lo and behold the first person to pledge was one of the hosts of this very podcast.

    1. Ya damn right! I was all over that Byzantine Pledge. LOL. I mean, I didn’t mean to be first, but i did notice that.

      Maybe I need to listen to more BTBAM (how many times have you heard me say that?) but I don’t think they are THAT similar sounding. They definitely fall into similar or the same categories of Metal, but they are very notably different (as I have previously argued). Same with Opeth and Ne Obliviscaris. I enjoy some older Opeth (I know Nick does not…and neither of us care of the new stuff) but I don’t think Black Water Park sounds like Portal of I. Same argument can be made for two of the Big 4 – I love Metallica but for the most part cannot stand Megadeth, though on paper I should like the latter.

      At any rate, if anybody listening is going to know our tastes well, it is you. That said, it wouldn’t kill us to branch out to other things either, so suggest away. However, our hesitation with reviewing an album by, say Ihsahn, is that last year he put out his 6th album and we haven’t listened to anything before and also have very limited knowledge of Emperor. So, we save ourselves the embarrassment of sounding completely ignorant (more so than normal) and having to take the time to do more homework. Not that a suggestion has to be a brand new band…but you get the point. Suggest away! Worst cat scenario is we keep ignoring you. ha ha ha

      – Brian

      1. With regards to last year’s Ihsahn album being his 6th and you not having listened to any of the others, I have to say that you gotta start somewhere. Might as well dive right in. I mean, how many albums did Paradise Lost release before you started listening to them? Did you regret reviewing their album? I gather it was the opposite, in that you were glad you reviewed their latest album and then were able to selectively go back and find out that they had other good stuff.

        No reviewer approaches music with the same background and experience. If you review an album from a veteran act that you’ve never heard before, that contributes to your unique experience of the album. I might have a different reaction to the song Appassionata by Exmortus because I’m familiar with the original Beethoven piano sonata that it is a cover of. Should the fact you never listened to Beethoven prevent you from reviewing Exmortus? I say it shouldn’t and that it’s ok to bring your own experience to the table. Whether those experiences are more or less than anyone else doesn’t really matter.

      2. From Brian:

        Simple reply: Touche!

        Longer Reply: Yes, you are right. To be honest, I am not sure why we keep passing him over. Maybe it is timing of his releases? Like, there are so many other things dropping, we shove Ihsahn to the bottom of the list.

        I think the other part of it is my completist nature. While I have been getting better at subduing that – now I have Apple Music to get whatever i want – part of it definitely was not wanting to get into another artist with a catalog. Stupid reason? Sure is! But when I was obsessively consuming so much music, i had to draw the line somewhere, so the guy from the black metal band I never really got into was on the other side of that line.

        This is also hindsight justification, mind you. I am sure at the time of his releases, we were just indifferent to trying him, even if we would like him. I think the “so many other albums” is probably the best and most accurate reason.

        Now…all of that said…i am sampling some of Ihshan’s more popular songs on Apple Music. Two songs in and I like it. More listening will tell me if this is one thing I’d go back to regularly though.

    2. P.S. re: Cyborg Octopus – The bulk of that album’s songs are about half the length or less than the typical BTBAM track, and overall come off as a little less pretentious. So, in trying to analyze this, I think that also has something to do with it.

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