Episode 282: Mutiny Within, Carnal Decay, Sunvoid 2017 Album Reviews + He Is Legend Preview

So Fresh and So…or Maybe Not So Much

The title isn’t suggesting there is a bunch of garbage awaiting you in this episode.  It’s just noting that some of the content, even while good, is not as good as it could be.  It also references one host’s Bandcamp pick for the week.  Listen through and you’ll get it.  Trust me.


Mutiny WithinOrigins
Carnal Decay You Owe You Pay (Rising Nemesis)
Sunvoid Through the Dazzling Illusion

First Impressions:
He Is Legend – “Sand” from Few out April 28th from Spinefarm

Mutiny Within – Origins

Carnal Decay – You Owe You Pay

Sunvoid – Through The Dazzling Illusion



  1. One of these I’ll manage to get to a show that Cattle Decap is playing. I wasn’t able to get down to NY this time, and probably wouldn’t have put the effort in anyway to see a non-headlining set that far away. Now that I have fully come to enjoy them, I’ll make a point of getting to a show on the next album cycle.

    As for stuff we’re looking at in March, while it may not be a bunch of HUGE bands, there are plenty of sizable releases we have planned right now. We may actually skip Immolation as there are plenty of other bands to review and I have yet to really be impressed by them. We’ll see. Other than the three you listed, our current March lineup includes Black Map, Within The Ruins, Darkest Hour, Evocation, Fen, Without Waves, and Havok.


    1. I didn’t know about Within The Ruins. I’ll have to stay tuned in March to find out if any of those other albums are worth listening to.

      I’m on the fence about Immolation. The new Immolation album is getting good reviews but it seems like those positive review might just be some type of “lifetime achievement award” because they are a death metal band that has stuck it out for almost 30 years and not because this album is actually anything special.

  2. Live review: Necromancing the Stone, Allegaeon, Cattle Decapitation, and Whitechapel at Irving Plaza last night. Goatwhore is on this Metal Blade 35th Anniversary tour but for some reason they weren’t playing this show. Venue said doors were at 4:50pm. Odd. I showed up at 4:55pm. Line around the block. By the time I got in 15 minutes later, Necromancing the Stone were already half way through their set. Allegaeon came on around 5:30. They played great. MUCH better than the last time I saw them because this time they actually had a drummer. Cattle Decapitation came on at 6:30 and were their usual unbelievable selves. If there was a band that I might think wouldn’t be able to pull it off live, Cattle Decap might be one of those bands. But they’re not. They pull it off every single time. The insane drumming, the intense guitar riffing, and those vocals – THOSE VOCALS! Their set ended before 7:30 and I had no interest in staying for Whitechapel. Three bands on a Saturday night that ended before 7:30 was a rather weird experience, and I’m not sure why it had to end early. Whitechapel was the last band and presumably they ended around 9pm. Even though it seemed weird to end the show that early, it was ok with me because I’m old and I go to bed early anyway, so it worked out fine.

    The release schedule for March isn’t THAT stacked. There’s enough that I’m looking forward to, but I like the fact that it seems like the releases are spread apart enough so that there’s one big release per week. For me, that means Pallbearer, Mastodon, Royal Thunder, and maybe Immolation depending on your reviews of it. There are a few more things that might interest me, but nothing else that I know right now that I’m definitely going to buying (unless there are some releases I’m missing?).

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