1. I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but I’m a little surprised that you guys like Junius as much as you do. Junius barely qualifies as metal. They don’t even have an entry in the Metal Archives. I realize that Wikipedia is not the best source for band genres, but they’re all I’ve got for Junius. Wikipedia lists them as: art rock, indie rock, post-rock, post-metal, space rock. That’s 5 genres, only one of which is metal. The All Music guide lists Junius’s “artists moods” as: yearning, sentimental, dreamy, gloomy. There’s nothing wrong with any of that, nor is there anything bad about Junius. It’s just that the calm, mellow, quieter aspects of the band’s music are not something I’d immediately think that you guys would enjoy. To me, Junius isn’t all that much different than recent releases from Alcest.

    1. From the one time I listened to Alcest, I think Junius has a different, less dreamy vibe to them. Either way, you’re right that on paper, it doesn’t make any sense. It must be that balance of the post-metal, various rock, and – for me – that gloomy yet introspective mood. There is definitely some emotional feeling from this band that strikes me the right way.

      We also listen to non-metal music we don’t cover on the show. We both like a variety of rock music. I like that new retro-synth stuff. And here’s a confession: I even occasionally enjoy – when I’m in the right mood – a little Lana Del Ray and Lorde. But it’s really their moods that get me (again, this ain’t everyday music for me) and those kinda darker yet emotional vibes play into some of what Junius is doing. So combine that with other things I more regularly like, and you have something that’s definitely gonna strike a cord with me.

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