Episode 285: Within the Ruins & Black Map 2017 Album Reviews + Frontierer 2015 Album Review + Scale the Summit Preview

Scouts’ Honor

In trying to keep with a pseudo-promise we made at the beginning of the year, this show has Brian’s Bandcamp pick for the month.  Next week, you’ll have Nick’s.  To spice things up further, we have a special guest this week!  Our good friend and ‘troop leader’ from the Horror Scouts podcast, Mike, brings his thorough reviewing prowess to the show.


Within the Ruins – Halfway Human  (eOne)
Black Map In Droves  (eOne)
Frontierer Orange Mathematics

First Impressions:
Scale the Summit – “Royal Orphan” from In a World of Fear out May 19th

Within The Ruins – Halfway Human

Black Map – In Droves

Frontier – Orange Mathematics


  1. I listened to the new Scale The Summit song and thought it wasn’t bad. I didn’t love their last album, but I’m still anticipating a new album from them/him (it’s really Chris Letchford’s band now).

    Since you had Mike on the podcast, the next step would be to get the spouses on like you did on the most recent Horror Scouts episode.

    1. Getting their spouses on may be a little harder since they’re not as into the music but I am sure there’s a couple of bands we can make work. My girlfriend loved Black Map but she refuses to podcast with me. Call it “stage fright” lol. What we do want to do (and are kinda working on) is get Mike and some other fiends on more frequently. – Brian

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