Episode 292: He Is Legend, Shores of Null, Vampire 2017 Album Reviews + Goatwhore Preview

Men of Folklore

Brian legit expected one of these bands to have existed in the late 80’s and have reformed.  That would have been some good made-up back story.  One of these bands accuse some dude of actually being the fictitious back story.  The other third…well, they don’t really fit the gag, so just make something up yourself.


He Is Legend few (Spinefarm)
Shores of Null Black Drapes for Tomorrow (Candlelight)
Vampire – With Primeval Force (Century Media)

First Impressions:
Goatwhore – “Vengeful Ascension” from Vengeful Ascension out June 23rd from Metal Blade

He Is Legend – Few

Shores Of Null – Black Drapes For Tomorrow

Vampire – With Primeval Force


  1. You should review Full of Hell so that you can let me know if it’s worth my time and money because I’m not going to listen to it unless it gets good reviews.

    1. Well, you’re in luck! We’ll be checking that out for 294. You’re welcome.

      Speaking of them, though, I recall listening to but not loving the first album. What I have sampled so far from this new one, though, I like. So I am curious to see how I feel in the end.

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