Episode 293: Incendiary, Hate, Witherfall 2017 Album Reviews + Origin Preview

Liking Stuff You Don’t Like

Anybody who has been listening to this show for a while knows our own tastes have evolved and changed  over the years.  Maybe I am just biased, but I’d say this is more apparent in Nick, and this episode is one of many that helps prove my point.


Incendiary Thousand Mile Stare (Closed Casket Activities)
Hate Tremendum (Napalm)
Witherfall Nocturnes and Requiems

First Impressions:
Origin – “Accident and Error” from Unparalleled Universe out June 20th from Nuclear Blast

Incendiary – Thousand Mile Stare

Hate – Tremendum

Witherfall – Nocturnes and Requiems



  1. -Maybe you think Hate put out so many albums because it is such a generic band name that you are actually listening to multiple bands. There are 11 bands of that name listed on Metal Archives.

    -Your review of Witherfall inspires me to listen to some Jeff Loomis.

    -In your request to list Nick’s least favorite subgenres, you left out grindcore and doom.

    -And it’s not too hard to find bands that Brian dislikes. Just find some proggy bands that are not very heavy.

    1. – There’s that, but we did actually review four albums. I just forgot how/why we did the older one. There’s also they fact that they don’t have the most original sound…

      – I actually listened to a Nevermore album. I haven’t listened to Loomis’s solo stuff since we reviewed them.

      – Yup. I am curious where those would rank. He has been accepting of more grind things, though not so much doom.

      – That is a start, but the songs have to be noodle and 12 minutes long. Also the less cohesive song structure the better.

      — Brian

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