Episode 296: Dream Evil, Wormwitch, Divinity 2017 Album Reviews

Bare Minimum 

In a last-minute search for a First Impression, we only came up with a few tracks by bands we already did First Impressions, so you get only the three reviews this week. If you feel cheated, just remind yourself this is free and we promise you’ll feel better.


Dream Evil – Six (Century Media)
Wormwitch Strike Mortal Soil (Prosthetic)
Divinity The Immortalist

Dream Evil – Six

Wormwitch – Strike Mortal Soil

Divinity – The Immortalist


  1. I’ve been listening to War Moans by Mutoid Man for several days now so it’s not too early for me to declare it a great album. It’s exactly what I wanted from Mutoid Man at this time. The eclectic mix of styles (some just in small doses) keeps it interesting. There’s lots of punk influence throughout the album, but some notable exceptions are the song “War Moans” which has a heavy Slayer influence and the song “Irons in the Fire” has parts of it that could be considered doomy. My favorite song is the closer “Bandages”. The slower, ballad-y, emotional nature of “Bandages” could be considered an outlier that seemingly might not fit with the rest of the album. But to me this shows Mutoid Man’s maturing as a band that is not afraid to be more than a punk band.

    Since I’ve been doing so much complaining about how this year’s releases have been lackluster, I’ve actually been doing a lot of research to dig deeper into finding something worth listening to. I finally found something. The band is called Dark Matter Secret and their recently released album is called Perfect World Creation. All I need to say to sum them up is that they are instrumental technical death metal. For me, this album hits a sweet spot of finding the balance between technical showmanship and interesting songwriting.

    1. So you reviewed War Moans here. What are you gonna comment next week when we review it. Lol

      I actually have heard of that band…I think we got some press stuff for them. I was curious to listen but I know I rarely got back to instrumental, so it’s been at the bottom of the list. I just started digging for my next Bandcamp pick. I have a few runners at the moment but I need to a little more sampling. I also have a few I bought that we could do too. Bandcamp is a dangerous place…

      1. Since I’ve already posted most of a review of Mutoid Man, maybe next week I’ll review the new Roger Waters album that just got released. I’m still looking to be able to recapture that magic of hearing Pink Floyd for the first time. But I’m old enough to know that it’s just never the same.

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