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  1. Blow.
    Blow me.
    Blow me a kiss.
    Blow me a kiss of death.

    I see what Mutoid Man did there with the lyrics to the song “Kiss of Death”. They took that idea from the song “Business Time” by Flight of the Conchords.

    I agree with Nick on Mutoid Man. War Moans is a 5, but I do think Bleeder is slightly better. Maybe your disagreement about the production stems from the fact that different songs sound like they have different production. I think on War Moans some songs sound thin and some songs sound not thin. The songs “Date with the Devil” and “War Moans” sounds thick and the production on my favorite track “Bandages” certainly fits perfectly. But some of the other songs just don’t sound like there are as many overdubbed guitars on them, which is fine. One thing I’ve been unable to confirm: was War Moans produced by Kurt Ballou? Bleeder was, but there is a surprising lack of credit information about War Moans (Mutoid Man doesn’t have an entry in either the Metal Archives or Wikipedia). It sounds like Bleeder has that typical Kurt Ballou production but War Moans doesn’t sound like it does (even if it was produced by Kurt Ballou).

    Regarding The Contortionist, they are a band that I like all the bands they are similar to, but I don’t like them. I checked them out in the past and it just never grabbed me even though all those fans of Tesseract and Between The Buried And Me also like The Contortionist.

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