Episode 298: Exist, Suffocation, Bear 2017 Album Reviews + The Faceless Preview + Deftones and More Live Review

So Not Feeling It

Well, at least one of your hosts was not really into this week’s albums.  The other hosts’ opinions varied.  They did agree, though, they liked the First Impression and they love the Deftones live…but you knew the latter part from the few times they were reviewed before.


Exist So True, So Bound (Prosthetic)
Suffocation …Of the Dark Light (Nuclear Blast)
Bear /// (Basick)

First Impression:
The Faceless – “Black Star” single from Sumerian Records

Live Review:
DeftonesRise Against w/ Thrice at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, NY on June 13, 2017

Exist – So True, So Bound

Suffocation – …Of The Dark Lightl

Bear – ///

One comment

  1. I feel as though I could write several pages about Suffocation but for brevity’s sake I’ll keep it to a few points:

    -Metal Archives lists Suffocation as “Brutal/Technical Death Metal.” I never found them to be technical.

    -Assuming we are in agreement that Suffocation is not technical, my question is does the “brutal” adjective ever mean anything in the context of death metal? Is there really a difference between death metal and brutal death metal? Immolation and Suffocation seem like pretty similar bands to me, yet Metal Archives lists Suffocation as “Brutal/Technical Death Metal” whereas Immolation are just plain old death metal. Is it like the difference between metal and heavy metal (which is to say there is no difference)?

    -This new Suffocation album is getting high praise but I am wondering why. I think similar to Immolation, they get praise simply for sticking it out for so long and are still putting out consistent music after nearly 30 years – sort of like a lifetime achievement award.

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