Episode 299: Iced Earth, Unleash the Archers 2017 Album Reviews, Sunburst 2016 Album Review, The Erkonauts Preview & Sevendust, He Is Legend, and more Live Review

Feel the Power

When something is described as “Extreme Metal”, you probably think of grinding, brutal, violent Metal.  If that is one extreme, though, that means there is another.  That other is likely some form of Power Metal – epic, symphonic, and fantasy-driven. We don’t quite go to the far end of this extreme, but we wander down that path to bring you this week’s album reviews.


Iced Earth – Incorruptible (Century Media)
Unleash the Archers Apex (Napalm)
Sunburst Fragments of Creation (Inner Wound)

First Impression:
The Erkonauts – “Seven Macaw” single from Indie Recordings

Live Review:
Sevendust 20th Anniversary show w/ He Is Legend, Never Your Zero, and New Theory at Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ on June 22, 2017


  1. Since you guys review about 150 albums per year, it’s ok to make Nick listen to 5 power metal albums per year – even if 3 of those 5 albums are in one week.

    You reviewed Iced Earth’s Dystopia in Episode 25 – in the same episode with Alcest and Megadeth!

      1. Your comment leads to the distinct possibility that Iced Earth has made the same album as before, but that your tastes have changed.

      2. That’s not what I intended to say. I meant that two albums ago, Iced Earth put out an inspired release that was great debut for Stu Block. ‘Incorruptible’ is musically uninspired lyrically cheesy and ham-fisted. While stylistically heading back toward the band’s earlier work, the album as a whole is dialed in.

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