Episode 303: Decapitated, Temple of Void, Duskmourn 2017 Album Reviews

Getting Out of Gear

Last week, we had tons of extra content.  So, to balance things out, we have less stuff than normal this week.  Yup, three albums reviews and that’s it.  No need to worry about chapter skips this week, freaks.  This should be done before you know it.  You’re welcome.


Decapitated Anticult (Nuclear Blast)
Temple of Void Lords of Death (Shadow Kingdom)
Duskmourn Of Shadows and Flame

Editor’s note: I did not realize “Spark” by The Haunted actually released shortly before recording. I got it confused with the previously released song. So, my bad for for not having a First Impression. – Brian

Decapitated – Anticult

Temple of Void – Lords of Death

Duskmourn – Of Shadow And Flame


  1. The first metal album I ever bought was Somewhere in Time by Iron Maiden. I bought that album 30 years ago. In those 30 years, I have never seen Iron Maiden live. Until now. I saw them on Friday night at the Barlcay’s Center in Brooklyn. The 20,000 person capacity venue was sold out. I’ll start right out and say this was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, probably a top 5 show all time for me. Even though the band members are around 60 years old (Bruce Dickinson is 58), they are still at the top of their game and delivered a fantastic show. The energy they bring really translates over to the crowd to get everyone excited during the show. The excitement even includes the songs from their most recent album, The Book of Souls, of which they played 6 songs from. I know you guys don’t care about that album, but I love it. Surprisingly, the longer 10-plus minute songs from Book of Souls came across great live, most specifically the song “The Red and The Black”. They played a great selection of their classics from across their entire career without making the setlist 3 hours long; the show was just over 2 hours long which was the ideal length for me. Overall, Iron Maiden lived up to the expectations of a 30 year wait.

    If you are looking for an album to review, then you should check out Gammageddon by Cytotoxin. I think I mentioned Cytotoxin years ago and can’t remember if you reviewed it on the show or just commented on it. Their latest release came out last Friday (7/21) and I love it already. It’s my kind of tech death, with it being in the realm of Unhuman and Gorod (not Gorguts).

    1. I’m glad your Maiden voyage was worth the wait! Last time I saw them was 5 years ago at Jones Beach and the Ly were indeed amazing. Maybe next time around I’ll go to the show. And maybe I’ll actually listen to Book of Souls.

      Per your recommendation, I had listened and subsequently purchased Cytotoxin’s last album. So next episode, we’ll be reviewing Gammageddon. – Brian

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